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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The problem with...

The problem with working all weekend is by the time the work week officially starts you need a break. But looking at the workload for the next few weeks / months I need to work harder and smarter to keep everything going.
Following on from my post the other day on writing employment ads I was reviewing all the applications today and I wondered whether I was being racist.
One of the roles I am seeking is for a Junior Website Designer, they need to have DESIGN skills, not a Masters of Information Technology.
The majority of the responses were from candidates whose country of birth is not Australia, further their natural language is not English and it painfully shows in their application letters.
The use of 'Hey I wants applications to positions eligible' is not likely to do much for their interview prospects.
But does it make me racist?
I hope not, I just want someone with the required skills.
I think in future I will create an online application process that forces the applicants to detail the experience and skills I require and not the ones I don't.
Whilst I found some of the past work experience in all sorts of service industries fascinating I don't need four pages on that experience I need relevant experience.
Talking of which having some one state that they are Muslim on their job application is problematic. It would be a bit like me stating I am Gay on a job advertisement (unless it was relevant).
Number one I have a dog in the office (which many Muslims have issues with) (well there are two actually) and two most strict Muslims I have met have had significant issues with people who are Gay.
I suppose all you can do is be totally objective and use a score card for the required skills etc and match the requirements with the applicant.
It would be similar if someone put on their application that they are an active member of the Hillsong Church. Their beliefs and my beliefs would significantly conflict and they would therefore not have the required skills for the role.
Thus far though the only two people that even came close do not come close enough and so I am reticent to do any more with them than the initial telephone interviews I have done.
I'm off to the gym tonight for the first time in weeks and I am not looking forward to the wimpy workout I will end up doing tonight. But that's what happens when you don't work out with regularity.



At Wed Mar 26, 12:02:00 PM EST, Blogger ultra said...

Did you forget to put "excellent communication skills" as an essential? An inability speak good English is for sure a reason to not hire someone. It's not racism, it's just good business sense.

At Wed Mar 26, 12:08:00 PM EST, Blogger Superdrewby said...

Neither of the roles require formal written skills but an ability to speak to the clients and respond to emails etc is mandatory.

especially since I am known to write long lists of things for people to do every day and night!

MInd you overnight I have had four applicants who actually posess the required skills and even better all wrote perfect English in the cover letters!

At Wed Mar 26, 02:42:00 PM EST, Anonymous Jman said...

If someone is going to work in an English speaking country, they need to speak and write English well. It's not being racist if you don't hire them.

If you went to China and tried to get a job, they wouldn't hire you if you only spoke English.

At Wed Mar 26, 09:18:00 PM EST, Blogger Gabriel said...

perhaps even qualify the ad with something along the lines of "you must be able to work in an environment with pet dogs?"


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