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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Addition to the art collection desires

I seem to be rather fixated at the moment on the art issue... and I have been doing a lot of searching, browsing and reading on cool contempary artists.

I had seen Brian Jones Work before but had not paid much attention till I saw some of his more recent work and especially the piece below entitled 'fuck'.

It's very cool and very very naughty and in your face just the way I love it!

The original painting was done in 2005 and then a limited edition of 50 giclee prints was done in a far more vibrant colour.

I did notice that the Opus Gallery was offering the print for 215 GBP while the artist himslef is selling the print for 250 GBP.

I would be facsinated to know how much the original painting was purchased for though if a limited edition giclee print is so affordable. And it does present an interesting question about what to collect, do you only collect original art works which limits the number of artworks you can buy and the artworks themsleves. Or do you establish a collection with signed limited editions? Food for thought

Some of his other works that I like are below.



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