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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Beagle behaving badly

Over the last two weeks the beagle has been allowed throughout the entire apartment at will. The baby gate at the top of the stairs was removed and she is now allowed into our bedroom without supervision.

Overall she has been pretty well behaved apart form eating the cats food and getting in the cat's litter tray.

The occasional romp on the bed and getting under the covers was ok, but today she did something she has never done before.

She peed on the carpet upstairs!

I am horrified I have no idea why she did it and I am hoping she doesn't do it again!

I had just come home and she ran upstairs to see the cat and then two minutes later I cam up to find a puddle in the spare bedroom.

Is she trying to mark her territory or is this a power play with the cat?

I am a bit worried because up until now she has been very well house trained and knows exactly where she is supposed to pee.

Sigh, what should I do I wonder!



At Thu Dec 13, 02:05:00 AM EST, Blogger ultra said...

My friend has a young male beagle, and he (the dog, not the friend) has a tendency to pee himself when he gets too excited, like about new people making a fuss over him and cuddling him.

At Thu Dec 13, 08:25:00 AM EST, Blogger Gabriel said...

its what i'd call a small accident. sometimes my dogs do that too. but make her aware she is wrong if she does it again.

At Thu Dec 13, 08:36:00 AM EST, Blogger Superdrewby said...

Yeah this is very new behaviour from the beagle.

In fact she did iut again this morning as well so that makes three times that she has peed in the spare room over the last twenty four hours.

I have now cleaned it all up and then cleaned it all again with white vinegar to try and get rid of the underlying smell (even though I can't smell it).

It was all within a 50 cm radius of the first one so maybe it's just she was confused?


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