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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How the game is played

The whole hoop la about the resignation of BP's Lord Browne for his apparent indiscretions of lying about how he met his ex gay lover is laughable. He should have not lied under oath that he met the young man out and not paid him as an escort!

Let's not also forget that BP and him are up their ears in problems internally and his resignation probably has Little to do with the fact he is gay and more the internal management problems.

What I have found fascinating about the whole episode is the ex boyfriend selling his story to the papers. It is a very low thing to do to 'rat' on someone even if they did not necessarily treat you always with respect.

As my mother always says, Two wrongs do not make a right!

Being the toyboy of someone rich and famous (or infamous) requires some special skills and understanding that this kid obviously did not have!

For starters being a toy boy can be a long term career opportunity and you can move from one wealthy benefactor to another. In LA for example the boys move from mere millionaires, to multi millionaires to billionaires as they go up the food chain replacing their men regularly!

I do feel sorry for the kid he really didn't understand what he was getting in to and was obviously not well equipped for this but to sell your story?


At Tue May 15, 05:07:00 PM EST, Blogger Hamilton said...

you just made male escort sound so glorious. I am kinda intrgued... moving from millionaires, mult-millionaires, then to billionaires, whoa...

Also Drew, can you help me with the "label cloud". After registering I dont know what to do. The instruction doesn't make sense at all.


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