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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Levi Johnson's Johnson

I think like so many guys out there we are amused and titillated by the thought of Levi Johnson (Sarah Palin's almost son in law) getting naked for US Playgirl Magazine.

I did laugh even more when he was named Crossover Porn star of the year this week as well! He ain't done no porn yet, unless there are home videos about to come out too heheheh.

Levi is kind of hot and kind of not, I must admit I will buy the issue of Playgirl to see it because it represents such a slap in the face for Palin, and I am curious to see just what Bristol Palin was getting from Levi too LOL

Seriously though I feel sorry for Levi, one part of me wants him to go the trashy whole mile and show off his bits, whilst the other half of me wants him to keep the tiny shred of modesty and not show his dangly bits.

It's all just like a wonderful soap opera except at the end of the day this poor kid will forever be lumbered with the caption of being associated with the Palin's and doing a Playgirl spread.

At least Monica Lewinsky was sensible enough to not accept any offers for naked spreads in girly mags after her 15 minutes of fame, and she has kept her dignity in check.

But Levi?

No siree

He is milking this for everything it's worth!


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