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Saturday, October 10, 2009

it's been a tough few days

On Thursday night my mother was diagnosed with a 'cerebero-vascular accident' or in laymen's terms a stroke.

At nearly 80 years of age she is no stranger to the ups and downs of various medical issues that parents face, from open heart surgery to hip replacements to the general to the malaise that affects older people.

There has been a steady decline in both my parents physical and metal health over the last couple of years.

This however is the first stroke that we have faced with them and it's scary. Heart Attacks caught early and then treated are much much easier to fix, you put a stent in, do a bypass, all sorts of things.

But the treatment for a bleeding stroke is far more hit and miss, they reverse the blooding thinning agents that my mother takes to prevent clotting type strokes and heart clots and instead used clotting agents to try and stop the bleed.

She is relatively confused at the moment and is pretty damn lucky that they picked the stroke up very early on, the bleed was properly happening for between 1 - 7 days. Which means the chances of recovery are good.

The initial symptoms of naseua have now passed, but the confusion remains, but it's so hard to tell whether this is the onset of dementia or a result of the brain injury.

My mother is an amazing person, she will compartmentalize things and not tell all of a story to someone. In this case she had been suffering with feeling ill for a bout a week and had been to the Doctor a couple of times for this.

But she had failed to mention to either the Doctor or myself that she had been stuttering or feeling weak, both extremely common signs of some sort of stroke.

I was getting frustrated with her because what she was describing to me was stress and anxiety manifesting itself with physical symptoms. However she was intentionally not giving me all the information.

Whether she recognized these things in herself and was intentionally not saying (my grandmother had had a series of strokes before she died nearly 30 years ago), or she was being 'confused' I don't know.

If all goes well and the bleeding has stopped properly she will be out of hospital by mid to late next week, but this is unlikely to be the end of this episode.

She has to go back on the blood thinning agents to protect her heart, which means she will be at risk again of having one of these episodes, there is also likely to be some subtle motor skill loss and maybe some cognitive difficulties (or is this just onset of dementia) at the moment it's a waiting game.


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