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Friday, June 13, 2008

Urban Gay Communities are Disappearing

A recent report has identified that gay urban communities are disappearing. The report was done to look at ways of HIV prevention in the gay community.

But the report has been far more widely received with the definite decline in gay communities.

Now, it looks like that in cities as diverse as San Francisco, Amsterdam,
Denmark, Toronto, Sydney, and Cape Town, these historically gay neighbourhoods
are on the verge of disappearing, driven by high real estate prices, young gay
people remaining in the suburbs, and greater integration of heterosexuals into
inner cities.

The decline is due to a number of factors, the Internet, equality, sexual acceptance etc, but as I have written before it makes me rather sad.

Will there still be a 'gay' community and 'gay' clubs / pubs in ten years or will the Internet have essentially killed them all off.

Let's face it, the major reason people went out before the Internet was to pick up and socialising was a secondary reason. These days you can log on, order someone in and get off, all without having to leave your house and you never have to actually socialise.

I suppose the questions we have to ask ourselves is whether this is a good or bad thing. Sure the equality that has been gained is fantastic, but are future generations of gay men going to be totally isolated from other gay men apart from for sex.

Or is it even important that there is a gay physical community?

As much as I love the Internet I do think by the time the gay community wakes up to the fact that there are no more gay bars and no more urban gay community it will be too late.

And then we will lament the loss of our community and remember the days when we had a place where it was our community.


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