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Thursday, October 26, 2000

Bullying at School
Ive always had a thing against my school because they never backed me up or stopped people when they bullied me. Yeah I know that everyone gets bullied at school, but when it became really bad and most of the teachers would turn a blind eye to the punch thrown at me in the corridor or the shove from one boy to another in a queue - happening every day I was at school it became too much.

Ive noticed recently an enormous media interest in school bullying, not just sexuality based but normal taunting, in Australia tyhere has been the Trinity Grammer case and in the UK this court case.

I had a couple of very special teachers at school who stood up for me and came up trumps for me more than once........Cheryl and Mark - hey if ya know them say thanks from one student :) But I have always hated the rest of the school cause their attitiude was - bullying is forbidden therefore it does not happen.

WAKE UP AND FACE REALITY! it still hurts and its ten years on!


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