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great underwear debate

The great underwear debate!

Any gay guy will be able to tell you that one of the sexiest pieces of clothing is underwear. Whether the underwear is tighty whiteys stretched to capacity over a bubblebut or loose fitting boxers letting everything hang down and free.

But what is the sexiest underwear and which brand is the best? Superdrewby has scoured the web for the definitive list of underwear and has put together a great gallery of underwear for you to drool over and vote on.

Gay guys seem to think nothing of spending mega bucks on underwear even though hardly anyone apart from them or their boyfriend actually sees what they are wearing. But the gay media certainly seems to promote and help along the fascination gay guys have with underwear.

Just think of Marky mark or Travis Fimmel billboard posters all throughout the world that have caused so many accidents as people gawk at them! There is even a black market in the posters that have been stolen from bus stops! So the fascination goes on and on.

Superdrewby wants to know what you think of underwear. We want to know what underwear brand is your favorite and what style of underwear you prefer. Before or after making your vote browse through the galleries to get some um inspiration!

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