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wicked ways

Wicked Ways

By Stash -

Stash has done it again with a new story and a new slant on the whole way of gay life in the noughties.

This story is both funny and shocking at the same time, after all are there really people out there that want to cause the most pain and shock for the people around them?

Excerpt on the main character Scott:

My name is Scott. Scott Morell. I was born on October 31st in 1981, pathetic as it may sound, right in the middle of some Halloween party. My mother had dressed up as Rosemary (from that early Roman Polanski movie, you know, the one with the baby), which had been quite a wise decision as her pregnancy had been too obvious at the end of the 9th month to freely choose some Morticia Addams kind of styling.

So enjoy the story and remember to tell Stash what you think!


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