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a soft place to fall

A Soft Place to Fall

Written by Jeff

This story centers on Jim, a man in his late twenties who has entered the ministry. He is gay, and he feels the tension within him as he seeks to justify his feelings with his faith. Reluctant to give up either, he must find a way to reconcile what he feels with what he believes to be the truth. The journey is one that he must take, but it is also one that he knows will be difficult, and at times, torturous. The story includes not only moments of faith, strength, and guilt, but also moments of passion, love and heartache as Jim seeks to find and connect with that special someone with whom he can share his love, passion, and life while at the same time not lose the connection that he has with God.



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Jeff is a 31 year old english teacher from America's South with a particular interest in horror movies. His background in journalism and literature provides a solid foundation for his writing which we love so much on Superdrewby. Jeff enjoys writing, reading, movies, long walks on the beach at sunset (* sorry I made that up).

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