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evan's story

Evan's Story


My life is just like your lives, with some minor differences. My name is Evan Shaheen and I live in the quaint part of our country known as Kansas; Wichita, Kansas to be a little more precise. Actually I live in the suburb of Derby, a large suburb for Kansas that is filled to the brim with people who don’t make any less than six figures and put on polite faces simply because it is the expected thing to do. Yes I live in one of those neighborhoods where you are expected to have money and you are expected to act, dress, and even date a certain way. This brings me to the second major difference of my life from those of my counterparts in this small city of Derby. I am gay. That’s right; you heard correctly, I am gay. I am a typical citizen of Derby; white, rich, and I am attractive to most eyes.

I am only 5’10, and I am what you call “cut and ripped.” Not muscular, just skinny enough not to look anorexic and muscular enough to look damn sexy. I have piercing brown eyes that have been known to give a “raptors” gaze. Black hair with long bangs that hang over my eyes that are dyed with red and blonde highlights. As I said, I am not all that bad looking. So why am I telling my story? Because it is an interesting one to tell. You see I wasn’t always the calm, cool, collected, and rather confident individual you see before you. No, in the beginning of my changes it was rather different.


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