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by the way

By the way

By The Way is the story of a young guy growing up gay in the mid eighties.  Staring in his Sophomore year at school, we follow through the love, yearning, heartbreak and realtity of not just being gay but being young and having to grow up.

This is more then just a coming out story, it is an account of a life, with ups and downs and hope.  the author Mark Logan has managed to write a great read yet again!


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in Mark's own words - I'm a great big goofball who loves music and loves to sing. I'm in the home building industry and have my own company. I'm not really into sports and am mostly a homebody; I like reading, watching movies and hanging out with friends. Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like to discuss my stories - or anything else for that matter. Markp>

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