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the adventures of andy

The Adventures of Andy

The Adventures of Andy is a series of short stories dealing with a young man that seems to always end up with his legs up or on his knees. Andy is versatile when it comes to sex what ever situation that Andy is in, he seems to dig his way to the top, or bottom which ever way everyone is sure to cum! Andy is a fictitious person, yet perhaps we have known a person like Andy a time or two in our lives, perhaps you might even be like Andy, or you have wanted to be like Andy.

I start this adventurous tale out with “The Adventures of Andy: The Locker Room Slut.” That will soon follow with “The Adventures of Andy: The Glory Hole Box at the Lambda House.” Friends please check back often I intend to write a new Andy story every couple weeks.

As the Author of “The Adventures of Andy” I may not write about the importance of safe sex in the story, the story is fiction. In real life always glove up for the sake of your health, and the health of whom ever you may be with.

Best regards, and please have safe fun!

R.R. Pearce


Edited by: Andy Stories K.Smith

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