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life at a private school

Chapter Thirty Epilogue

 by Drew

Itís New Years eve and the drama of the last few months was mainly in the past. Tim and I had settled into a routine over summer of going to the beach, working at part time jobs and discovering new and very fun things about each otherís bodies.

After the assembly that morning the school board met and very quickly moved to have the Headmasterís position rescinded. He was charged with being an accessory but the case was dropped at the advice of the government prosecutor.

McAllister on the other hand was charged and found plead guilty to the charge of assault of a minor. He was fired from the school and the last anyone heard of him had left the country.

I donít know what made studentís support us and stand up and leave with us that day, I can only surmise that for many they too felt down trodden and Ďdifferentí at the school. I donít mean they were necessarily gay I just think that that they understood that at the end of the day everyone deserves respect.

I have not been back to the school since that morning, I chose to sit my final exams elsewhere because I wanted to be able to concentrate fully on the exams.

Surprisingly we had both done even better in our final exams than we had expected especially due to the events of those weeks.

We were both accepted into our first choice university degrees, mine architecture and in a surprise Tim had decided that he wanted to do Law just like his father.

Dan and Nick are still together although their relationship seems to have more up and downs than a yoyo. We have spent many very fun nights exploring the gay bars and clubs along Oxford Street with the boys and having many very fun experiences.

Ben was still a bit of an enigma, it was obvious that he still has a lot of very deep emotion for Tim and there is a rather large elephant in the room of a very clear sexual interest by the three of us.

However even though Tim and I have discussed the possibility of a threesome with Ben it just doesnít feel right doing it.

As for the future for us you may ask?

I honestly donít know what the future will hold, the past year has been an incredible growth period for me.

This time last year I was alone, insecure and deeply deeply closeted, but I have grown into my own mind and have totally accepted my own individuality and of course my sexuality.

My sexuality doesnít define me, itís only one small part of who I am.

I love Tim more than I have ever loved anything in my life and I want to spend my life with him and he shows me he in so many ways that he loves me as much as I love him.

As the clock struck twelve Tim and I turned to each other and kissed passionately. The fireworks in my mind mirroring the fireworks soaring for the stars above our heads as we celebrate a new year on the glorious Sydney Harbor with our friends around us.

The end.