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Guide to Yahoo Groups

Author: Superdrewby
Date: 2002

So you have been on the web for a while searching for good places to download images from. Most of the sites you've found need you to have passwords, subscriptions or Age Checking Systems. So what do you do if you don't have a credit card, or just simply don't want to spend money on things like that?

You go to Yahoo Groups and start joining gay and lesbian groups. This guide is for those people who have not heard of the groups or if you have to find out a little bit more about them.


Getting Started with groups

It's really easy to get started with yahoo groups, all you need to do is join and create your own free profile with yahoo. If you already have a profile then just use your existing yahoo details and log in. most if not all adult groups will make sure that your profile states that you are over the age of 18 before letting you join them.

As a general rule of thumb if your age is less than 18 then you will not be allowed to join a group where adult images or topics are discussed.

Also if you are going to use Yahoo groups either get a new e-mail address with a nickname or use something like hotmail, yahoo etc. to have an anonymous e-mail address. Don't use your work e-mail address or one with your full name, it's just asking for trouble!

How it all works

Yahoo groups are like big e-mail lists where you can join lists and share e-mails between other people on the lists. You can also view the archives of messages sent in the last few weeks online. The big thing about Yahoo groups is that people use them to share images between each other over e-mail and on the web.

It's not just about pornography though, there are also e-mail lists on all sorts of topics.

You don't have to send e-mails to be a member of most of the groups, although some groups do expect that you must contribute a few pics to join or you will be deleted.

The other important thing about groups is that when you send an e-mail to the group it goes to everyone! So never send an e-mail to a group that is meant for only one person or it can end up being very embarrassing indeed!

Some cool groups to join

OK so you have a yahoo group membership so now what? The search function will no longer find gay groups, because Yahoo is becoming a little testy about hosting porn and adult content. So you will need to find some cool groups on your own.

There are tens of thousands of groups that you can join, with images of all sorts of things, from fetishes to, blonde boys, hairy guys, feet etc. you name it and you can find a yahoo group to suite you! Some really cool groups are:

You can find more groups in all sorts of categories at the link:

E-mail Issues

When you join a specific group you have the choice of whether you receive e-mails from the group or you want to read and see the images online. Many of the groups can be very busy and if you opt for receiving e-mails then you can end up being sent several MB of pictures every day. This is fine if you have a fast high speed Internet connection. But if you are using a free e-mail service like Hotmail or Yahoo mail then you may find that these fill up your e-mail inbox very quickly.

Different groups have different policies relating to bounced message - which are caused by your e-mail inbox being full and returning the e-mail. If you do it once or twice you may be fine, but if you do it all the time your membership to the group will be deleted.

It is often better to not receive all the e-mails, especially if you don't want to be downloading hundreds of e-mails every day containing large files!


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