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Straight Acting Is......

Author: Superdrewby
Date: 2002

If you are anything like me you get really annoyed by the term straight acting! What the hell is a gay male who is straight acting? After all isn't the whole idea of being gay that you suck cock and like to have sex with boys? Isn't that slightly hypocritical and at opposite ends of the spectrum from the way that straight boys act?

When you browse through personal ads, stories etc. you are constantly faced with Seeking Straight Acting. Is this just insulting upon those of us who don't act straight, don't act gay, but are just acting as ourselves?

Is being called gay or acting yourself wrong? Or should we all emulate the very thing that we are not, i.e. a beer swilling redneck from the wrong side of the tracks who acts like a mysoginistic prick, using women and talking about nothing more than footy, cars and what they did with the slut from the pub last weekend?

Part of the reason for the gay movement is to encourage and promote equality for gays and lesbians. One of the arguments in doing this is that gays and lesbians must be visible

I asked a few people what they thought straight acting meant and here is what they had to say for themselves.


A straight acting gay guy is someone who can walk down the street in say oxford St. and a girl will hit on him as opposed to a guy. For example he used Justice Michael Kirby as an example of straight acting. He should dress in Polo Jeans, maybe surf wear, watch Rove Live, play cricket or soccer but not rugby. He might be studying something like a business degree and have a normal mobile phone.

A non straight acting gay guy wears too much Diesel, plays with wanky expensive toys such as TV's mobile phones etc. And he has a thing with the tone of his voice and the gestures of his hand. Someone who will take part in the Mardi Gras for fun and live in the gay ghettos. He works in the service sector and lives in the eastern suburbs way above his means.

17 Year old closeted Bisexual Sydney Guy

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