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Have Your Say to the Music Industry

Author: Superdrewby
Date: July 2003

Sometimes an idea comes along that it is really cool and lets the general public get involved in something ike the music industry. In this case it is PromoSquad a very cool online marketing research site for the music industry.

PromoSquad is an online jukebox and music portal which plays music tailored to your tastes and then asks you to rate it. Every time you rate the music you get points. The points can be used to claim some very cool prizes, like CD's compter equipment, photographs and more.

The concept was started by a group of ex music industry executives, marketing people and radio station people who wanted a way for everyone wo downloaded music online to have a say in what is hot in the music industry.

It's easy to join and best of all it's totally free!

It did take a couple of minutes to actually join up and use the system, I first had to answer some questions about some music clips they played, then rate the music. But after that it was really easy to use and start earning points straight away!

The way it works is really simple. You choose Jukebox and a new window opens up where a song is played - I noticed that each song played at least twice, at the end of the song you have to rate the song along the lines of Hate it to Love it , then enter some sort of quick comment or review.

You get five points for every song reviewed, it is just too easy! Also a lot of the songs they play are either still to be released music or stuff that is just being tested with the market. So you get to hear some stuff that isn't even in the stores or on the radio yet!

So get your mouses clicking turn up the volume and start earning points today - I am!


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