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Young Writers Get Pubished

Author: Mike Munhall

Jason and MikeGay Teen Publications is a newly formed publishing house for gay teens. Mike Munhall is the 18 Year old President of the company. Mike discusses the need and inspiration for setting up a publishing house which will help bridge the gap between society and gay youth.


Societal views have and are rapidly changing. Morals, principles, philosophies and perspectives differ for every person and group. One particularly interesting group is that of gay youth.

In different parts of the world the gay rights movement is in different stages and incarnations. Places like the liberal north of the US are filled with gay youth groups, gay/straight alliances at school and accepting friends and family. Yet, in rural areas of more conservative countries and states a gay teen could not be open about their sexuality without fear for their personal safety. The experiences, perspectives and outlooks on society vary greatly within the community. Some are positive. Some are negative. Some are tragic. Some are humorous. They all have one thing in common: They are seen from the unique eyes of an often neglected and forgotten group: gay youth.

Many youth venture in uncharted waters of dealing with family interrelationships or with boyfriends and girlfriends. Some have great tales of understanding and acceptance filled with amusing comments on their situations. Others have nightmarish tellings of living on the street.

"Gay youth throughout the world have fascinating life stories that need to be told"

Gay youth throughout the world have fascinating life stories that need to be told and interesting perspectives that must be expressed. Youth writing communities have sprung up all over the web. This stands as evidence that their is a strong, talented pool of young writers waiting to be heard and an equally pressing group of readers eager to understand.

Link to GT Publications

To help close the gap and allow exceptional gay youth writers to be heard, a new publisher has emerged: Gay Teen Publications (GTP). GTP is a publisher of books for, by and about gay youth. GTP accepts unsolicited manuscripts from gay youth writers with a story, comment, anecdote or perspective they’d like to share and considers each one for international publication. GTP is a legitimate publisher and pays royalties to the deserving authors.

GTP was founded by a current President, Mike Hills. He has grown the company from the beginning and taken on several investors and experienced business partners. Mike is just 18 and is dedicated to making GTP a long-term success.

GTP is most interested in publishing non-fiction works about the lives and perspectives of gay youth throughout the world. Comments on society, autobiographies/memoirs, philosophical works are all what GTP is after. Fiction submissions will also be reviewed, considered, and plans for publishing some fiction pieces are in the works. If you are a writer with a quality manuscript, or you are currently working on one, please visit GTPublications.com and read how to submit your manuscript for review.

Mike Munhall
Vice President

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Mike Hills, President of GTP (Red shirt/Black Jacket) and his boyfriend
Jason (Black and Green Shirt)

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