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The Ice Sculptures Book Review

Superdrewby September 2004

The Ice Sculptures by Michael D Craig

“There was also talk of wild, Caligula-style orgies featuring copious amounts of drugs and some of the biggest names in Hollywood”

There is nothing more riveting than gawking at the train wreck life of a famous Hollywood star as they battle drugs, addiction and debauchery. The Ice Sculptures is Michael D Craig’s first novel, building on from his successes with a Madonna Book and an 80’s music Trivia book.

Perfectly suited to reading while lazing around the pool sipping a frozen margarita!

Ice Sculptures is the story of Tim Race a Hollywood superstar who has risen his way to the very top of the fame tree. Or has we find out slept his way through the casting couch. Tim has the looks and fame to be anything he wants to be, but Tim has a dark secret, known only to the industry insiders and close friends.

Set in Hollywood amid the trappings of fame and fortune, Ice Sculptures weaves a behind the scenes view of the real Hollywood. It tells the story the paparazzi don’t tell and the studios keep under tight wrap to protect their billion dollar investment in their stars. Craig has used his first hand knowledge of the film industry to create a riveting homoerotic tale.

The hapless Tim is appealing to every women and gay man on the planet, and Craig creates just the right amount of sexual tension and insight into his character. The backdrop of Hollywood is fascinating and familiar to anyone who has ever visited this magical town. Places and situations are taken right from the cafes, restaurants and streets of tinseltown.

Tim’s best friend the New Zealand born actress Raina is suggestive of Tim’s Character being based on Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The story is littered with current names such as Heath Ledger who the man eating Raina sets her sexual sights on. Not since Rock Hudson has their been a gay film star that has been so big but so closeted as Tim Race.

The reader is left wondering who the older producer Tim trades sexual favors for a part in his upcoming movie may be. Or we wonder which of the gargantuan porn star’s Craig uses as his inspiration for the journalists’ trade.

If there is one complaint that I have about this book, it is the lack of depth into Tim’s character, but this may have been Craig’s intention to display Tim Race’s lack of sophistication and simple mindedness.

I highly recommend Ice Sculptures as a book to read while lazing round the pool on a sunny afternoon drinking a frozen margarita!

Download the first chapter in PDF (34k)