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The Gay Man's Instruction Manual:
Advice for a Happier, Healthier, Wealthier, Smarter and Sexier You!

The Gay Man's Instruction Manual M.D Craig
Published 2006

M.D. Craig the author of Ice Sculptures (read our review here) has published the definitive guide for all gay men Ė The Gay Manís instruction Manual. Something different for Craig, this is a guide for all of us who need some direction in our life, more than just what to wear out clubbing on a Saturday night.

Although it is sometimes a tad tongue in cheek the suggestions and messages are very useful, and a portion of the profits go to GLADD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

There are well over one hundred and fifty pages of suggestions ranging from the naughty:

Pose nude for a gay menís magazineÖ it pays extremely well. Magazines such as Unzipped, Freshmen, and Men are always on the look out for sexy studs to feature in their pages. (page 10)

Pose nude for a gay menís magazineÖ it pays extremely well. Magazines such as

to the altruistic:

Volunteer to be a counselor for the AIDS hotline. (page 33)

The book has been written as something of a trivia book and almost like step by step of things and ideas to do when you canít think of something to do. Itís a great book to give to a friend, a lover or as a present to yourself.

You could even play a little game of dare with you and your friends, open the guide at any page and do what it says on the page! You might be told to:

Sit down and actually write a letter (using the old-fashioned pen and paper) to a friend
or family member, instead of using your cell phone or sending an e-mail. (page 72)


Openly search for a rich, gay man to start a relationship. (page 83)

And I have saved the most important part till last, Superdrewby is even mentioned on page 99! And no, I am not going to tell you what it says, you will just have to buy the book!

Talking of buying the book, you can order a physical copy or even get an eBook, which is just so modern and cool!

A percentage of the royalties go to the Gays and Lesbians alliance against defamation

So now, go and buy the book and play a game of dare, you never know where it might take you or how it may change your life, but be rest assured it will enrich your life, and some of the money goes to GLADD!

Buy the Book!