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CLX Artist Review


Homoerotic art has been around for thousands of years and has included such masterpieces as Michelangelo's sculpture David. Current artists that specialize in gay themed works have found a significant niche such as the work of Pierre et Gilles. There is something incredibly special about gay themed art that depicts fresh faced, masculine boys with rippling muscles!

hspace=5CLX is a French artist who creates amazing cartoons of simply quite astounding young men with a raging sexual energy! Superdrewby first came across his work when he became a Superdrewby member and absolutely had to profile CLX and his work.

His work is a fusion between cartooning, drawing and digital imagery that fits together on screen or in print. Already his work has found international fame with clients knocking down his doors to have him design imagery for books, magazines and websites. One of his most homoerotic creations has been for the website Just Us Boys ( CLX is also working on a gay comic for the website Gay Web Monkey - which I am sure willbe an instant hit and make many boys pant and pop their buttons in lust!

At first glance there is a similarity between his work and that of Joe Phillips, but on closer inspection the similarity is only fleeting. But all of CLX's work has an interpretation of motion, with an added dimension that infers motion, whether it be the image of the boy itself or the surrounding background that seems to be moving.

The symbiosis of pencil strokes and digital imagery make an exciting texture that looks like a pencil drawing but with the added dimension only digital imagery can bring.

CLX is certainly going places and we hope that we see a lot more of his work as it continues to grow and evolve!