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web and book reviews


The Heart fo the Roam - Tawainese Men Picture Book

The Heart of the Roam by Otis Uang
The Heart of the Roam is a Taiwanese Male Photography book, from the acclaimed photographer Otis Uang. Three sexy Taiwanese guys are photographed together and in the great outdoors showing off their beautiful bodies.

The Gay Man's Instruction Guide

The Gay Man's Instruction Guide by Michael Craig
M.D Craig the author of Ice Sculptures, has published the definitive guide for all gay men – The Gay Man’s instruction Manual. Something different for Craig, this is a guide for all of us who need some direction in our life, more than just what to wear out clubbing on a Saturday night.

The Ice Sculputures by Michael Craig
There is nothing more riveting than gawking at the train wreck life of a famous Hollywood star as they battle drugs, addiction and debauchery. The Ice Sculptures is Michael D Craig’s first novel, building on from his successes with a Madonna Book and an 80’s music Trivia book.

CLX Homoerotic Art
CLX is a French artist who creates amazing cartoons of simply quite astounding young men with a raging sexual energy! Superdrewby first came across his work when he became a Superdrewby member and absolutely had to profile CLX and his work.