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Josh Hartnett

What he does:


Why we like him:

Josh is the stereotypical boy next door with natural good looks and that unnerving ability to appear dumb, young hung and full of cum! We have watched him grow up over the last few years from his roles in Pearl Harbor, 40 Days and 40 Nights, Halloween: h2O and The Faculty.

His very first entrance into the world of professional acting was in a commercial for Northwest Airlines when he was still a youngster. He decided to give up college and headed for Los Angeles to break into film and TV in 1997. By this time he had already appeared in numerous stage shows while still at school due to a football injury that stopped him playing.

We like Josh because he is a natural guy with a nice easygoing personality. Of course the fact that he is rather scrumptious doesn't hurt much at all! He seems very unperturbed by all the attention the attention he gets and would prefer to be on the beach riding the waves!

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