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Brad Pitt

What he does:


Why we like him:

There is something incredibly special about Brad Pitt, he has been voted the most sexiest man alive for a couple of years. There is no doubt that he is sexy, but there is something deep and mysterious behind those sexy eyes.

Brad has been acting most of his life and hit international stardom with the film Thelma and Loiuse where he paraded around in pair of unbutton jeans holding a very lucky hair dryer!

He has since gone on to make various films in many different genres and has consistently proven that he is a truly versatile and outstanding actor. His role in Twelve Monkeys was well and truly an amazing depiction of a mentally deranged anarchist.

Brad will be remembered however for the naked pictures taken of him and his girlfriend holidaying. The pictures taken by a photographer with a very very long telephoto lense. If you haven't seen the pictures yet, you really need to find them on the web!

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