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the silver fox



May 2004

Rick was away on business again, this time to Europe for a ten-day trip. Mike and Alex had never spent this much time alone together since Alex had joined the threesome and they were a little uncomfortable without Rick’s guiding presence. They slept together in the same bed each night but were reluctant to indulge in any sexual activity while Rick was away. Nothing was said but, other than a good morning kiss and a similar welcome after work, they had deliberately avoided physical contact. After a couple of days, they were hardly speaking to each other, not due to any bad feelings, just a reluctance to say anything other than to discuss their day’s work or what was for dinner that night.

Rick had been travelling for those days and, with the time difference, had found it difficult to speak to either of them. He had left messages on the answering machine saying he had arrived safely and that the trip was going well, but was frustrated he could not speak personally to his lovers. Day three found him in Italy and he was plagued with a feeling of unease. He was worried about Mike and Alex but could not determine why. Their lack of response to his messages he could understand. Although they had his itinerary and contact numbers, it was difficult to catch up with him and he assumed they had just missed each other.

At midnight on Friday he placed a call to the house, making it 6 p.m. local time, sure that they would be home together for one of Mike’s special Friday nights. As the phone rang, Rick found himself muttering under his breath, “C’mon, c’mon, pick up the phone!” As the machine clicked in he groaned and had started to leave a message when Mike picked up, sounding rather breathless.

“Rick? Is that you?”

“Mike! Finally! I’ve been trying to get through to you guys for days. How are you doing?”

“We’re fine, Rick. We miss you, though. How’s everything with you?”

“Everything is going well. I miss you guys like crazy. Next time, you’re coming with – both of you! Is Alex home yet? Are you planning a Friday night special, Mike?” There was a short pause, then Mike said,

“I’m expecting him any minute, Rick, but we hadn’t made any plans. Should we have?”

Rick frowned. Mike had always planned something special for Fridays – at least for him. Why hadn’t he done so for Alex? And why was he asking him?

“I just thought as it was Friday . . .” Rick started, then heard muffled noises and Alex picked up the extension.

“Rick, hi, I just got in! How’s everything?”

“Just great, Alex, good to hear your voice. I was just telling Mike how much I miss you both and that next time I have a long trip away you both have to come with me!”

“Sounds like a plan,” Alex said and Rick could hear the smile in his voice.

“Yes, doesn’t it? And talking of plans, how come you guys haven’t planned something for tonight?”

“It’s not the same – “ Mike started just as Alex said,

“Not without you, Rick – “

Rick sighed with exasperation and said crossly,

“Now, listen you two, what’s going on? Just because I’m over here doesn’t mean you guys shouldn’t be having a good time together! I cannot believe you’re not doing something special tonight!” A horrible suspicion crept into Rick’s mind.

“Mike, tell me the truth, are you and Alex fighting about something?”

“No, Rick, honestly, everything’s fine.”


“We’re fine, Rick.”

“Oh no, you’re not!” Rick exclaimed. “I can tell from your voices that something’s up. If you’re not fighting then what’s going on?”

“Nothing”, they chorused and glanced at each other as they heard Rick groan loudly. Alex had picked up the phone in the dining room and could just see Mike in the den. As their eyes met, Mike smiled tentatively and Alex shrugged.

“Now, listen you two,” Rick growled. “Don’t make me have to come back early! I would have thought you would be enjoying each other’s company while I was away.”

“We miss you, Rick,” Mike said plaintively.

“Oh, for God’s sake! Alex, listen to me. You and Mike are to go out for dinner tonight, understand. Have a good meal, drink some wine and go home and fuck each other’s brains out! Do I make myself clear?”

There was a startled silence as Mike and Alex again looked at each other. How the hell did Rick know they hadn’t made love since he’d left?

“I said, do I make myself clear?” Rick growled again and Alex had the presence of mind to answer.

“Yes, Rick, abundantly. We’ll go to Amici’s.”

“Good. And don’t wait for my permission again, you idiots! I thought I could leave you two alone without any problems!”

“It just didn’t feel right,” Mike commented, trying to explain.

“No excuses! Honestly, what am I going to do with you two?”

“Well,” Mike and Alex said at the same time.

“You could come home and fuck us senseless,” Alex continued and Mike chimed in, “Both of us, together.” Rick groaned at the image conjured by their words.

“I’ll take care of that in a week’s time,” he said huskily. “Meanwhile, make sure you keep each other happy.”

After Rick had signed off, Alex and Mike stood looking at each other. Alex picked up his car keys and said,

“Amici’s it is. Let’s go, Mike.” As they headed out, Mike put his hand on Alex’s thigh. A raised eyebrow and a small smile was Alex’s response.

“I’m sorry, Alex,” Mike said softly.

“Don’t be, I’m just as bad. We’re idiots.”

“How did Rick know? I’m sure he’s clairvoyant!”

“No, Mike, he just knows us too damn well! A few months ago and I’d have been all over you like a cheap suit. Now . . .” Alex didn’t finish his thought but Mike understood only too well.

Once seated at a table in the Italian restaurant, Alex picked up on their previous conversation.

“You know, Mike, we’ve become different people, you and I.”

“We have? I don’t think you’ve changed at all; you’re still the Alex I fell in love with.” Alex smiled.

“And you’re the same too, Mike, in that respect. However, Rick has changed both of us without either of us realising it.” Alex idly twisted the ring on his left hand; Rick’s ring. Mike looked at his own and a wistful look crossed his face.

“You mean we’re not the same without him?”

“Exactly. What would have happened if we hadn’t met him? Would we be back together, do you think?”

The waiter interrupted them and they ordered their food and a bottle of wine, then Mike took up the thread.

“I don’t know what would have happened, Alex,” he said softly. “Maybe we would have picked up again when you came for that convention. I’d only been with Rick a few weeks when you reappeared and, truthfully, until I met him I’d done nothing but dream about seeing you again.”

“Two years, Mike, two long, lonely, miserable years. What a fool I was!”

“But if we’d stayed together we wouldn’t have met Rick. Our lives would be totally different and maybe . . .” Alex frowned.

“Maybe what? Maybe we wouldn’t have made it anyway? Is that what you were going to say?”

“No, not exactly. It’s just hard to imagine what would have happened without Rick in the picture, that’s all.”

“True.” Alex was thoughtful for a moment, then added, “Tell you what, Mike, let’s pretend Rick isn’t in the picture. Let’s pretend tonight is our first night together since we broke up. I’m in town for a convention and I called you and asked you out for dinner.”

Mike noticed the gleam in Alex’s eye and quickly joined his mood. He was going to enjoy this game!

* * * * * *

Alex swung the car into the driveway of the house and turned off the engine. He undid his seatbelt and turned to face Mike whose face was shadowed and unreadable.

“So,” Alex drawled. “Here we are. Are you going to ask me in?”

Mike had drunk a great deal of wine and had reached the giggly stage, but was still able to carry his part in their deliciously flirtatious game. In fact, being a little drunk was all part of the plot.

“I’m not sure, Alex,” he said. “Perhaps you should just kiss me goodnight here.”

“Oh, so I get to kiss you, that’s good.” Alex leant over and unsnapped Mike’s belt and pulled him closer. Tilting his chin with two fingers, he gazed into the depthless blue eyes and said softly,

“You are so gorgeous, Mike. I’ve missed you so.” Then he bent his head and covered Mike’s lips with his own. Mike sighed softly, his mouth opening beneath the onslaught, and Alex’s tongue slipped inside.

“So sweet,” he murmured before renewing the kiss. Mike buried his hands in his hair, pulling closer, and Alex’s hands slipped down, caressing Mike’s chest. His fingers nimbly undid the buttons of Mike’s shirt and his hand eased inside, his fingers moving over the heated flesh now exposed to his touch. A fleeting touch to Mike’s nipples elicited a groan and Mike broke away, his head falling back against the back of the seat.

“We shouldn’t,” he whispered, even as his hands pulled Alex towards him. Alex bent his head and lapped at Mike’s throat, then trailed his tongue downwards until he fastened on the hardening nub of Mike’s right nipple. Licking and sucking, he bit gently then soothed the sensitive flesh with his tongue. His hand slid further down, cupping Mike’s crotch, his burgeoning erection a hot and heavy weight in Alex’s hand.

“I want you,” he murmured against Mike’s chest and squeezed his hand gently over the straining cloth. “And I can tell you want me. Let me in, Mike, please,” he begged. Mike rolled his head back and groaned.

“Okay, Alex, okay. But just for tonight.”

“Just tonight, babe, let me love you one more time.”

They made it to the front door before Alex pulled Mike into his arms for another round. Nuzzling his throat, his hands rubbing soothing circles across his back, Alex said again,

“Let me in, Mike, please. Just once, just one more time.”

Mike fumbled with his keys and they almost fell through the door, unable to keep their hands off each other. By the time they reached the bedroom they had managed to shed most of their clothes and were desperate to be completely naked in each other’s arms. Mike turned on the bedside lamp so he could look at his lover and they both froze. Rick’s presence was palpable in the room and they suddenly felt guilty.

“Guest room,” Alex croaked, and they retreated quickly, picking up their game once more. Lying prone on the bed, Alex held Mike in his arms, his fingers running through the long blond hair.

“What do you want, babe? Tell me,” he asked softly.

“I want you, Alex. I need you, now, please.”

“Lie back, Mike, let me love you.” Mike moaned softly as Alex pushed him gently down, the husky voice whispering in his ear driving him crazy with desire.

“I’m going to make such sweet love to you,” Alex murmured. “I’m going to kiss you all over, then I’m going to suck you dry. You want that, babe?”

“Oh, yes,” Mike breathed, hardly able to speak.

“And then, when I’ve made you come so hard you’ll not know where you are, then, my sweet Mike, then I’m going to fuck you through the mattress!”

Mike was mesmerized as Alex whispered his plans for him. He loved it when Alex talked dirty to him! He drew him into a long, passionate kiss, then tilted his head back onto the pillow as Alex moved downwards, licking and nibbling at his jaw and throat. Drawing his tongue in a hot wet path down his chest, Alex latched onto his right nipple, sucking and biting gently until the flesh was so sensitized that Mike flinched with the painful pleasure. Then he transferred his attentions to the left one, repeating the process. His hands slid down Mike’s bare flesh until he reached his tight black boxers, straining now over his full erection.

“These have got to go,” Alex murmured and slid his fingers under the waistband. Ruthlessly, he pulled them down over Mike’s leaking cock, which sprang upwards as it was freed. Alex took a minute to wriggle out of his own shorts, then returned to his game plan. Lying over Mike, Alex adjusted his position until their groins were aligned. Already slick with pre-come, their cocks slid together with delicious friction, making them both groan with pleasure. Mike strained upwards, thrusting against Alex as they set a frantic pace. Mike moaned in complaint as Alex abruptly pulled away.

“Not yet,” he gasped and moved downwards, his hot, wet mouth engulfing the head of Mike’s cock, sucking him hard. Mike lurched upwards, once, twice and then he came, pouring himself down his lover’s throat. Alex swallowed him down, continuing to lick and suckle until Mike had calmed through the after shocks, then moved upwards to capture his mouth in a searing kiss.

“Hands and knees, babe,” he whispered but Mike only groaned.

“Can’t move,” he managed to respond, his arms flopping by his side. Alex smiled and reached for the lube. Carefully he prepared Mike, pushing one, then two lubed fingers inside him, twisting and scissoring to open him. He added a third finger, pushing deep until he stroked the hard little gland and Mike yelled his pleasure. Alex pulled his knees towards his chest and Mike moved to support himself as he felt Alex push inside.

“Going to fuck you now,” Alex gasped as he inched in slowly, giving Mike time to adjust. “Just like I promised.” Leaning forward to brush a kiss over Mike’s lips, the movement pushed Alex deeper inside, the head of his cock brushing Mike’s prostate again.

“Oh God,” Mike groaned. “Do it, Alex, do it now! Fuck me, hard!” Alex began to move, slowly at first, but soon he was pounding into Mike’s willing body, the sound of skin slapping against skin egging him on until his orgasm overtook him and he spilled himself into the hot, tight channel pulsing around him.

Gently, he eased himself away from Mike, then pulled him into his arms, unconsciously copying Rick by settling Mike’s head on his shoulder and dropping light kisses on his hair.

“You okay?” he asked softly.

“Oh, yeah,” Mike replied, then yawned hugely. “Gonna sleep now.” Alex smiled and kissed him.

“Yes, let’s sleep. Goodnight, Mike; love you.”

“Love you, too, Alex,” Mike’s words drifted away as he sank into a deep, dreamless sleep.

* * * * * * * *

Rick arrived back in town late afternoon the following Friday. He was tired and jet-lagged but pleased with the results of his trip. Mike and Alex had both volunteered to pick him up from the airport, but he elected to take a cab, not wanting either of them to battle the Friday night rush hour traffic. Besides, he had a distinct feeling that they would have something special planned. After all, it was Friday night.

He was looking forward to seeing his lovers again. After his phone call the previous week, it had become obvious that Mike and Alex had been enjoying each other’s company while he was away. His subsequent calls had reassured him that all was well between them. He was still somewhat annoyed that he had needed to encourage them but part of him understood, and that part was very flattered.

As the cab made its way out to the ranch house, Rick let his imagination roam freely, wondering what the boys had planned for his first night back with them. Nothing too strenuous, he hoped, but he was already half hard with anticipation as the taxi pulled into the driveway in front of the house. The front door flew open and Mike hurtled towards him as he was paying the driver.

“You’re back!” Mike said unnecessarily, throwing himself into Rick’s arms and kissing him feverishly. Rick returned the embrace with ardor then eased Mike back from him.

“Well, that was quite a welcome,” he commented with a smile.

“Welcome back, Rick,” Alex chimed in, moving in for his own kiss before lifting a couple of the bags lying on the ground. Mike grabbed the other in one hand and Rick’s arm in the other, dragging him towards the house.

“We missed you, Rick,” Mike said, talking a hundred miles an hour. “Every minute of every day. It’s so good to have you home!” Rick just smiled and allowed himself to be towed along by Mike’s enthusiasm.

They dropped the bags in the bedroom and Mike led Rick to the recliner in the living room while Alex poured him a Scotch and drinks for Mike and himself.

“Sit down, put your feet up, you must be exhausted,” Mike went on, fussing with the throw pillow.

“Mike,” Rick complained softly, “I’m not an invalid. Relax, I’m fine, honestly. Come on, sit down and tell me what you’ve been up to while I’ve been gone.”

“Later,” Alex replied. “First, you have to tell us all about your trip. Paris, Rome, London, it just sounds so glamorous! I know you were working but you must have had some time to yourself.”

“Oh yes,” Rick responded with a smile. “Actually, I had quite a bit of spare time. Did some sightseeing and some shopping. Mike, would you bring me the small bag? I have something for each of you.” Mike let out a gleeful whoop.

“Pressies! Alex, Rick brought us pressies from Europe!” He rushed off to retrieve the bag while Alex and Mike laughed at his antics. While he was out of the room, Rick studied Alex with a quizzical gaze.

“How were things while I was gone, Alex?” he asked.

“They were great, Rick, honestly, especially after you chewed us out last Friday!”

“Yes, well, I’ll have something to say on that subject later, but right now I’m just glad to be home.”

“I think we’re all glad you’re home,” Alex commented as Mike reappeared with Rick’s bag. Setting his glass aside, Rick rummaged through the bag and withdrew several gifts for his lovers. Shirts from Harvey & Hudson in London, Hermès ties from Paris, soft leather loafers from Rome. Alex and Mike were thrilled with the expensive trinkets, expressing their thanks with kisses and exclamations of delight. Rick also withdrew a plain package, which he set to one side. His shopping had also been in a discreet shop in Soho, but he was saving his last surprise for later – in the bedroom.

Having unpacked and had a quick shower, Rick joined Mike and Alex once more.

“So, what’s on the agenda for tonight, boys?” he asked slyly. Alex and Mike exchanged quick grins and Mike said,

“You’ll just have to wait and see, Rick. We thought you might be tired after your journey and wouldn’t particularly want to go out to eat, so I’ve prepared dinner. Nothing too elaborate, I’m afraid, just enough to - er – satisfy your appetite.” Mike’s voice dropped huskily and Rick smiled at his tone.

“Sounds good. And then . . .?” Alex shook his head.

“Nope, not falling for that. As Mike said, wait and see!” Rick smiled and gave in gracefully. The conspiratorial looks between the boys were enough to convince him that they had, indeed, planned something very special for the evening. Mike disappeared into the kitchen and Alex replenished their glasses, leading Rick out onto the back porch where the table was set. He lit the candles under their glass hurricane covers and turned on some music, then went off to help Mike serve dinner.

Rick was highly entertained by the menu they had planned. Asparagus with melted butter provided Mike with the opportunity to demonstrate his seductive talent, licking and nibbling at the stems in such a manner that Rick was becoming decidedly heated. Watching Mike lick his fingers afterwards had him so hard he had to adjust his pants around his swelling erection. A platter of oysters on chipped ice followed, and Alex took his turn, sliding the shellfish down his throat with great aplomb, his seductive glances at Rick passing a less than subtle message. Steak and salad, Rick’s favorite, followed by a delicate sorbet concluded the meal. They all enjoyed the food, but the accompanying floorshow had Rick hungry for something other than food. He chatted about his trip, entertaining the others with his stories, but his mind was definitely elsewhere.

When they had finished, Alex quickly cleared the table while Mike led Rick back into the living room where he had set out coffee and after dinner drinks. Handing Rick a single malt and a cup of coffee, Mike excused himself to help Alex. Rick heard soft murmurs, a muffled exclamation, and some giggling from Mike, and was intrigued to discover what would happen next. Alex reappeared briefly to replenish his drink and softly suggested that he might like to take it to the bedroom. Rick willingly acceded and, picking up his anonymous package, he wandered down the hallway.

The room was lit by dozens of tea lights and pillar candles, the bed turned down invitingly, music playing softly in the background. Rick stripped off and slipped between the sheets, eagerly awaiting the appearance of his lovers. Alex arrived first, clad only in silk boxers. He sat beside Rick and pulled him up for a searing kiss.

“Close your eyes, Rick,” he murmured, then slipped a soft blindfold round his head.

“Lie back and be comfortable,” Alex instructed and Rick again did as he was bidden. He felt the mattress shift as Alex joined him on his left, then again as Mike slid in on his right.

“We don’t want you to do anything,” Mike said softly. “Just relax and let us love you. We’ve missed you so and we want to spoil you.”

“I would prefer to see you,” Rick said gently, not wanting to upset their plans but anxious to look at the two beautiful men.

“In a moment, Rick”, Alex said. “We have a little surprise ready.”

“Okay. I don’t want to spoil anything.”

“Good. You trust us, don’t you Rick?” Mike asked a little anxiously

“Of course.”

Each of the men then took one of his hands and moved his arms up and out from his body. He was surprised when he felt himself being securely fastened to the headboard.

“Comfortable?” Alex asked and Rick nodded, his breathing becoming ragged as he anticipated their next move. Mike then straddled him and he felt his hands on his chest, gently massaging him with lotion scented with sandalwood, working from his shoulders down his chest and flanks, then his legs and feet, Rick relaxed into the sensuous feeling although his cock was now proudly erect, straining upwards for a touch from those clever fingers.

A second pair of hands joined in as Alex rubbed his arms and hands then started to kiss his way back. Mike mirrored his actions, planting kisses on the arch of each foot then moving slowly up to his inner thighs. Alex’s mouth fastened over Rick’s, nibbling and licking, demanding entrance. As Rick opened to him, his tongue slipped inside, tracing every surface before plunging deeply just as Mike took the head of his cock in his mouth. Rick arched off the bed at the joint sensations and Mike held his hips in place as he licked and suckled him. Alex thrust his tongue deeply, fucking his mouth in rhythm with Mike and Rick was lost. Carried away by the dual onslaught, he felt his balls tighten, drawing upwards as his orgasm started low in his belly and he tore his mouth from Alex’s as Mike sucked him, swallowing him down as he spurted his come.

Zoned out, gasping for breath, Rick was dimly aware that Alex had undone his arms and removed the blindfold. Stunned with pleasure, still unable to open his eyes, Rick pulled Mike up and kissed him fiercely, then groped a hand towards Alex. They cuddled each side of him, stroking and fondling him as he calmed through the aftershocks. It was minutes before he could speak and then he only said,


Mike laughed and pressed quick butterfly kisses over Rick’s face, then leaned across to find Alex’s mouth. As they broke apart, Rick moved aside and slipped out of bed.

“Where are you going?” Mike and Alex asked in unison.

“Nowhere,” Rick grinned back at them. “I’m going to sit right here and watch!” With that he made himself comfortable in the armchair facing the foot of the bed. Alex and Mike were left kneeling facing each other. Rick gazed at them in wonder; both lean and muscular, Mike slightly bigger built, sweat sheening their naked bodies. Both proudly erect, they moved to touch one another, soon forgetting they had an audience, as they became lost in each other. Mike moved behind Alex, his hands never ceasing their caresses, sliding over the hot flesh so exposed to him.

Alex leaned back against him, resting his head on Mike’s left shoulder, turning to receive his kiss. Mike’s left hand supported him, wrapped firmly across his chest as he fumbled with his right one for the lube. Gently preparing his lover, Mike moved between Alex’s spread legs and eased himself inside. They moved together slowly, their bodies perfectly synchronized, and Rick was stunned by the beauty and grace of their lovemaking. He lazily stroked himself, not really seeking any more stimulation, more joining them in spirit than needing further satisfaction.

Their sighs and groans echoed softly around the room then became more audible as they neared completion. Mike’s thrusts became more urgent, Alex moving back against him, calling his name as Mike’s hand wrapped itself around his cock, his firm strokes bringing the sought after release. Rick watched as Alex came over Mike’s hand, then Mike tensed and moaned, joining his lover, their orgasms almost simultaneous.

Rick shuddered as he watched them collapse onto the bed, Mike surrounding Alex completely. Surprised, he felt his own come pearling over his hand as a gentle release flowed through his body. He rose unsteadily to his feet and rejoined his lovers as they moved apart. Without a word, he slipped between them and gathered them close, cradling their heads one on each shoulder, kissing each of them with utmost tenderness, and they settled into a peaceful sleep.

© j.d. davis 2004