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the silver fox



Michael was absolutely miserable. The start of a new term was looming, Rick was away on business and Alex was travelling to some godforsaken spot in the middle of nowhere. The prospect of a long and empty week stretched depressingly before him. He had asked Rick if he could travel with him and, although Rick had agreed, he had also explained that he was going to be fully occupied for the three days he would be away – meetings all day, working lunches and dinners, ‘making nice’ as he put it. There would be little for Mike to do and he finally agreed that he would probably be bored. It wasn’t like in D.C. where he could go to museums and galleries; he would just be spending time in the hotel.

Rick had suggested he call Alex and either visit him or invite him for the time he was away. Alex had been apologetic about his required presence in ‘Bumfuck, Idaho’ and again suggested that Mike would not enjoy joining him. He would be even more bored in the less luxurious accommodation with Alex, and would see little or nothing of him. So Mike had decided to stay home. The trouble was, he was just as bored at home without the presence of his lovers. He had preparation work to do for the college, but that would hardly occupy all of his time, so he had to find something else to while away the lonely hours.

Idly, his fingers traced over the shelves of books in the den and then inspiration hit. Going over to his desk, he found a blank notebook and took it back to the living room. He put a couple of CDs in the player, grabbed a cup of coffee, then curled up on the couch and started to write. Slowly at first, pausing for thought, struggling with the occasional errant memory, he soon became totally immersed in his self-appointed task. The hours flew by as he covered page after page in his neat script.

* * * * * * * *

Rick came home fairly late to discover that Mike had prepared one of his ‘Friday night specials’ – soft music, candlelight, the fire blazing merrily in the hearth. The ice bucket sat on the coffee table, condensation pearling on the chilling bottle of Pinot Grigio, two glasses waiting. Fragrant and appetizing smells drifted from the kitchen and Rick went quickly to drop his bags in the bedroom.

Hearing the front door slam, Mike hurried in from the back porch where he had been setting the table for the al fresco meal he had planned. He threw himself into Rick’s arms.

“You’re home,” he said unnecessarily. “Missed you.” Kissing him passionately, he let him know just how much.

“I missed you, too,” Rick answered when he came up for air. “You’ve been busy, I see,” he added. “Everything looks - and smells - wonderful.” Rick held him at arms’ length, drinking in the sight before him. Mike was wearing faded blue jeans and a pearl grey silk sweater, which made his eyes glow like star sapphires. “You look wonderful, too,” Rick added, “positively edible!”

Mike coloured at the compliment and Rick ruffled his hair, amused he could still make him blush.

“You have time for a shower before dinner,” Mike said. “I’ll unpack for you.”

Rick freshened up, taking the time to shave again, but eager to spend time with Mike. He smiled as he came out of the bathroom; Mike had laid out his clothes for him. Well, he would wear what Mike wanted – black jeans, charcoal grey cashmere sweater - this was obviously going to be a special night. He padded back to the living room and found a full wineglass waiting for him. Mike was apparently in the kitchen, so Rick sipped his wine and strolled through, propping himself in the doorway to watch his lover putting the finishing touches to the meal.

Rick loved to watch Mike when he was absorbed in something, unaware of his presence. Barefoot, slightly flushed by the heat in the kitchen, Mike moved with feline grace, his slim body supple and limber as he bent over to find something in a lower cupboard. He moved back to the stove, his lower lip caught between his teeth as he concentrated on adding an ingredient to a simmering pot. Rick cleared his throat, which suddenly felt constricted, and Mike turned his head at the sound.

Seeing his lover lounging in the doorway, his lean body clad in clinging black, his face reflecting his thoughts, Mike smiled dazzlingly and Rick made two hasty strides before pulling him into his arms, unable to resist any longer. He kissed him deeply, his hands on each side of his face, his mouth finally gentling into a soft embrace which left Mike almost swooning.

“I love you,” Rick said softly. “How did I ever get so lucky as to find you?”

“The luck was all mine,” Mike replied, curving against him. Then, as Rick’s arm slid round his waist, he moved away slightly and said,

“Much as I’d rather make out, this meal is at a critical point and I really don’t want to waste all my efforts by letting it overcook.”

“What are we having?” Rick asked, sniffing appreciatively, feeling his mouth water.

“Moroccan lamb with couscous and salad,” Mike replied.

“Smells great. What’s for dessert?” Mike flicked a naughty look through his eyelashes and Rick groaned, feeling his groin twitch.

“No cheesecake?” he teased. Mike shook his head, laughing.

“Ice cream?” Another shake.

“Something sweeter?” A devastating smile.

“A surprise?”

“Maybe. Now shoo, go and drink your wine while I finish up. We’re eating outside,” he added and Rick wandered off.

The table was set for three and Rick grinned. It looked like Alex would be arriving in time for dinner. The sound of a key in the lock matched his thought. He went back through to greet Alex, who dropped his bag and moved into his outstretched arms for a welcoming kiss.

“Mike didn’t say you were coming,” Rick said. “I’d just discovered the table set for three when you arrived.” Alex smiled.

“I wasn’t sure when I would get here,” he replied. They went back to the kitchen together and Rick said,

“Look who’s here!” Mike turned and smiled his delight.

“Alex, you made it, great!” He swooped in for a quick kiss then chased the two men out of his way, refusing all offers of help. Rick poured Alex a glass of wine and they went to sit outside. They sat together in a comfortable silence for a while, then Alex said quietly,

“I still get such a thrill out of this.” Rick raised an eyebrow quizzically. “It’s been what, a month now?” Alex continued. “I still can’t believe how much my life has changed – for the better.”

“I’m glad you feel like that,” Rick replied, “but you should be getting used to the idea by now.” Alex laughed.

“I should, should I?” he asked teasingly.

“Yep. And all of our lives have changed for the better, you know that, Alex.” Alex blushed slightly.

“It’s nice of you to say so, Rick. It’s meant a great deal to me, being part of this.” He gestured around him.

“But?” It was Alex’s turn to look questioningly. “I sense a but,” Rick added. He cocked his head to one side and looked at Alex, who shook his head.

“No buts.”

“Not true, Alex, however you can tell me when you’re ready.” Alex sighed softly. Rick was too damn perceptive. They were interrupted by Mike bringing the food out. Alex rose to help and the three of them were soon chatting and laughing over dinner. Rick and Alex kept Michael in fits with their caustic comments about their business trips, then Rick asked him how he had whiled away his spare time.

“Oh, I found a little project to keep me busy,” was all Mike would say. “It’s getting chilly, shall we have coffee indoors?” They cleared the table and went to sit in the living room. Rick poured them all drinks and Mike brought in the coffee. Alex lay back on the couch and stretched luxuriously.

“I feel so pampered,” he said as he accepted his drink from Rick. “Having two gorgeous guys taking care of me.” Mike caught Rick’s eye and smiled, receiving a conspiratorial wink in response. As one, they sat down on each side of Alex, who glanced at each of them.

“What’s up guys?” he asked, “What are you – mmmph?” His words were cut off as Mike kissed him. As he responded to Mike’s lips, the feel of his tongue slipping into his mouth, Alex was aware of Rick’s hands on him. They were unbuttoning his shirt, then he felt a slight chill as the material was eased off his shoulders, and Rick’s hands started to caress him. Their combined attentions immediately excited Alex and he grew hard in seconds.

His excitement increased as he felt Rick’s hands at his waist, working to undo his belt and zipper. Mike’s tongue plunged deeply into his mouth just as his cock sprang free and Rick bent to swallow him. His senses swimming, Alex could not believe that it was Rick doing this to him, could do nothing except groan into Mike’s throat. Mike let him go and allowed him to suck in huge gasps of oxygen, then returned to the attack, his hands now sliding down his chest to seek out the sensitive nipples already hardening under his touch.

“Oh god,” Alex moaned, adrift on the sensations of two pairs of hands, two mouths pleasuring him. He felt himself tightening, on the verge of coming, groaning as Rick’s hand stroked him, his mouth sucking him, while Mike’s tongue fucked his mouth. He stiffened and shuddered, pouring himself into Rick, gasping into Mike’s throat as he came. Eyes closed, his whole body thrumming, Alex was dimly aware of his lovers as they cleaned him up and straightened his clothing. Mike pulled him close, kissing him lightly, waiting for him to resurface.

His eyes opened eventually and all he could see were those amazing blue eyes smiling down at him. He sat up, Mike’s arm still loosely clasped around his shoulders, and sought out Rick. He was lounging beside him, his arm along the back of the couch, his fingers idly stroking Mike’s forearm. He gazed at the smiling face and said,

“What was that for?”

“We miss you,” Mike answered, “and decided you needed some serious TLC.” Alex smiled and kissed both of them.

“Thank you,” he said simply. Then he reached behind his head and found Rick’s hand, pulling it forwards into his lap. He did the same with Mike’s and linked them together in front of him. Briefly, he laid his forehead on the joined hands, dropping a quick kiss on each. The courtly gesture surprised his two lovers but, before they could say anything, Alex said,

“I want you to kiss each other.” Without a word, they leaned across him and kissed, their mouths seeking each other with passion. They broke off eventually, both slightly flushed, and Alex felt himself stirring again at the sight of them. Rick looked at Mike, receiving an answering nod, then gazed speculatively at Alex and said softly,

“I think it’s time, Alex, don’t you?”

Alex felt a thrill of excitement shiver down his spine but he could not reply, his voice caught in his throat. Rick got slowly to his feet and held out his hand to him. Alex placed his hand in his and allowed himself to be pulled to his feet and guided to the bedroom. He watched as Rick undressed, then found himself being stripped by Mike. He tried to fend him off, but Mike persisted, undressing him and kissing his exposed flesh at the same time, then leading him to the bed. He shed his own clothes and spooned in behind Alex who was now facing Rick. Alex’s anxiety showed on his face.

“Guys?” he asked softly. Rick ran a hand gently through his hair.

“What is it, Alex?”

“W-we’ve never done this before . . . I’m not sure . . .”

“Relax, sweetheart,” Mike said softly, nuzzling his ear. “We’ve never done this before either. We’ll just see where this takes us. We think it’s time, don’t you?”

Rick drew Alex to his chest in a close embrace, smiling encouragingly, his lips only just brushing against his.

“I thought this might be easier,” he said gently, “but if it worries you . . .?”

“N-no, I just need time to adjust to the idea.” Rick laughed, his breath tickling Alex’s ear.

“Talk to me,” Alex pleaded, looking up at Rick, his hand searching for Mike’s and being gripped reassuringly.

“We want you,” Mike said. “Rick wants you, Alex, it’s time for you two to get together.” Alex closed his eyes as he listened to Mike’s sultry voice.

In the month he had become part of this threesome, he had only ever made love to Mike; they had renewed their previous relationship under Rick’s benevolent eye. He and Rick did have a physical relationship, of sorts; they hugged and kissed, and sometimes they had done to each other what had been done to him that evening. Both Mike and Rick had received the attentions of the other two; but Mike had been the one to suck Rick. There had only been one occasion of true intimacy, when they had masturbated each other in the shower. Now, tonight was his night, the night that Rick was going to fuck him. Alex was trembling with excitement and nerves.

Resting against his back, Mike could feel him shaking, and tried to soothe the nervous tremors by caressing him lovingly. Rick continued to hold him, kissing him lightly, letting him get used to his all too solid presence. He knew Alex had fantasized about him, but confronting the reality was obviously unnerving him. He pulled Alex closer, rubbing his groin against him, letting Alex feel his erection sliding against his skin, assuring him that he was, indeed, desired. Alex gasped and ducked his head, breaking eye contact. Mike murmured reassurance in his ear.

“It’s okay, Alex, relax, you’ll love it, trust me.” Alex smothered a laugh; how like Mike to say something like that. But Mike did at least know what he was talking about. Mike had made love to both of them, now it was time for them to complete the triangle.

“Would you rather I wasn’t here?” Mike asked softly. “Should I leave you alone?” Rick caught his eye and shook his head slightly, but Alex answered shyly,

“No, Mike, I-I’d like you to stay.” Rick’s eyes commanded Mike again, and he reached in the drawer for the lube. While Rick kissed and caressed Alex, Mike slicked his fingers and started to prepare him. Alex froze momentarily, then relaxed again, groaning as Mike’s fingers gently worked into him. The feeling of his two lovers surrounding him overwhelmed him again. Mike reached over him and took Rick’s erection in his hand, applying the lube but stroking and caressing him as well. Rick moaned throatily, seeking Alex’s mouth in a deep kiss. Then he released him and urged him to turn over towards Mike.

Mike was smiling at him, leaning forward to kiss him, then drawing his knees up towards him, lifting his right leg to rest on his left thigh. Alex was opened by the position and he felt the head of Rick’s cock nudging his entrance.

“I want you, Alex.” Alex moaned in response, feeling himself harden fully again as he heard the desire in Rick’s voice.

He swallowed nervously, but was so aroused that he managed to relax as Rick slid slowly into him. His eyes were held by Mike’s blue ones, his head cradled by his hands, and, as he felt Rick filling him, Rick’s strong hands holding his hips, he knew he was in for the ride of his life.

Rick waited for him to adjust and relax, whispering in his ear.

”You want this?” he asked huskily. Alex managed a strangled “Yes-s-s,” in response.

Rick moved slowly, withdrawing slightly, then easing in deeper. Alex’s breath caught in his throat.

“Okay?” Rick whispered again. Alex nodded, and Rick moved again, causing him to groan with pleasure. Mike kissed him once more, plunging his tongue inside, then licking his lower lip, never taking his eyes off him. Mike was so aroused at what was happening before him that his erection nudged Alex’s. Alex slid his hand down to stroke it, but Mike gently moved him away.

“Just concentrate on enjoying yourself,” he commanded quietly. “I’ll take care of this.” Mike’s hand wrapped around Alex and himself, rubbing their cocks together.

Rick was moving rhythmically now, circling his hips occasionally, opening him more, seeking the hidden gland. He thrust deeper and made contact, Alex’s moans increasing as each stroke hit his prostate, sending shudders of unbearable pleasure through him. Mike’s hand echoed the rhythm and Alex was driven over the edge. Sweat beaded his face and chest, and he finally broke eye contact with Mike, closing his eyes and throwing his head back. Rick’s hand moved from his hip to splay across his chest and he pulled him closer, his cock plunging so deeply now that his pelvis ground into Alex’s hips with every movement.

“Oh god,” Alex gasped, “yes, yes - fuck me, Rick, fuck me!”

Rick’s iron control finally slipped and he pounded into Alex, bringing him screaming to orgasm, spilling over Mike’s hand. The sight brought Mike off, too, and he spurted over Alex’s belly, his hand milking both their cocks. Alex’s muscular spasms were too much for Rick and he came inside Alex with a shout of triumph before collapsing against him with a groan.

They lay together through the after shocks, then Mike moved first to fetch a warm washcloth and towel from the bathroom. Rick eased carefully out of Alex and dropped a series of light kisses down his sweat soaked back. Alex did not move. As Mike cleaned him up he whispered to Rick,

“I think he blacked out!” Alex moaned and turned onto his back.

“Greyed out,” he corrected. “Oh, god, what did you two do to me?”

The co-conspirators laughed and kissed him, caressing him, letting him know how much he was loved. Rick brought his lips close to his ear.

“No more buts, Alex, okay?” Alex nodded and sighed, his eyes closing as he drifted into post-coital sleep in Rick’s arms. Mike rejoined them, cuddling into Rick’s back and they slept until morning.

* * * * * * * *

Mike awoke first, and he listened to the quiet breathing of the two men beside him without opening his eyes. His arm was around Rick’s waist and he could feel Alex’s back resting against his hand, trapping it between them. He smiled with satisfaction – the three of them were now so close it would be impossible to separate them. Their physical proximity merely reflected the more profound shift in their relationship. Mike did not feel any jealousy that Rick had made love to Alex, he had felt part of it. They had talked about how things would be after Rick had made his proposal to them and he was more than comfortable with their arrangement. It had taken Rick some time to overcome his jealousy of Alex, but that had had nothing to do with personal dislike and everything to do with insecurity.

Rick and Alex could only draw closer now. Mike loved them both and, although perfectly content with Rick, when Alex had reappeared into his life he had felt drawn back to him. Their previous relationship had been so good and he had been desperately unhappy when they split up. He had accepted it but, until Rick appeared, he had not wanted another relationship, hoping only to reconnect with Alex in the future. Rick had rescued him from the dry wasteland that his life had become and they were incredibly happy together.

Discovering how unhappy Alex was had disturbed him and Rick had reacted accordingly. Mike had not picked up on Alex’s attraction to Rick, too concerned with convincing Rick that he loved him and did not want to leave him to return to Alex. Rick had sensed it, however, and, although Mike would have ceased all contact with Alex to please Rick, the solution Rick devised had solved all the problems and their ménage à trois seemed to be working. Rick had allowed Mike to rebuild his relationship with Alex first, but now they had become a true threesome.

The only fly in the ointment was that Alex lived so far away and had only managed to join them for weekends so far. They talked often and Mike shuddered at the thought of the phone bills, but that wasn’t enough. It didn’t seem fair to him that he lived with Rick all the time, but their three-way relationship was still in its infancy. Rick had hinted at a change, obviously thinking about Alex moving in with them, but the same problems remained. Alex had an excellent job, which he did not want to relinquish. It was why they had split in the first place and there seemed to be no answer. Mike hoped Rick could devise a solution, otherwise the strains on the relationship imposed by distance would destroy it before it really developed.

His thoughts were interrupted by Rick, who moved under his arm, indicating he was awake. He eased around to face Mike and kissed him on the nose.

“Hey!” Mike Eskimo kissed him and nuzzled his head into his shoulder.

“I think sleeping beauty here will be out for a while,” Rick commented. “How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, Rick.”

“Not upset? No bad feelings about this?”

“No, absolutely none. How do you feel?”

“Exhausted,” Rick joked. “God knows how I’m going to handle you two!” Mike laughed softly.

“One at a time for a while might be a good idea!”

“Ya think?” Rick pulled a face, then grinned down at his lover.

“I love you,” he murmured, pulling Mike close. They kissed deeply then sprang apart as Alex groaned and rolled onto his back.

“So much for ‘sleeping beauty’,” Mike commented as Alex snored loudly. He leant across Rick to poke Alex, who obediently turned on his side and stopped snoring immediately.

“Have to learn that trick,” Rick commented, mock seriously. Mike giggled and said,

“You’d better, purely for self defense!”

“Do you think he’s going to be okay with this?” Rick asked seriously.

“One way to find out!” Mike grinned mischievously and poked Alex again.

“Wha’sgoinon . . .?” Alex groaned and opened his eyes, confronted by his two lovers looking fondly down at him. He blinked and grinned at the two men, rolled on his side towards them and grabbed Rick. He pulled him into a sultry kiss, then repeated his actions with Mike.

“Good morning,” he murmured drowsily.

“I guess he’s okay,” Rick said, laughing. Alex raised an eyebrow.

“Worrying about me, hm? I’m fine – more than fine!” He yawned hugely, gathering his wits, memories of the previous night suddenly flooding back. So that’s why they were worrying. Further thought was distracted by his awareness that he needed to take a piss, so he rolled out of bed and staggered towards the bathroom. Mike and Rick watched his progress, both delighting in the sight of his naked ass.

“Woof!” Mike called after him and he and Rick dissolved into laughter.

“I heard that,” Alex’s muffled voice replied. “You’re gonna get it, Michael, just you wait!” Rick grinned and also got up.

“I’m going to shower and put some coffee on,” he said. “I take it you two will join me later.” Mike blinked in surprise, then smiled at him.

“I guess so,” he murmured. “Seems I’m in for some payback!”

Rick wandered off, shaking his head. He felt content and happy, realising that his making love to Alex last night had provided the final element in their threefold relationship. And Mike was going to have to watch out – RIck wasn’t the only one who was going to have his hands full!

Alex returned from the bathroom to find Mike sprawled on his stomach, his head turned away from him. There was no sign of Rick and he knew Mike was feigning sleep. He padded quietly over to the bed, looking down at the exquisite form of his naked lover for a moment. Originally planning to jump on him, the sight made him change his mind. Leaning close to his ear he whispered,

“Woof indeed!” Mike sniggered and turned onto his back.

“Yeah – definitely woof! That naked ass of yours makes me want to howl at the moon sometimes. Come here.” He opened his arms wide and Alex slid into his waiting embrace. They kissed gently, the full body contact making them both stir, and their kiss deepened.

“How are you doing really?” Mike asked as they came up for air. Alex grinned.

“I feel great, if a little – um – sore. Rick’s an amazing lover.”

“Told you! Well, if you’re sore, I’m going to have to change my plans for you.”

“I already have plans,” Alex countered, his hands sliding down Mike’s chest. “Payback time,” he murmured, his fingers tracing a path round Mike’s navel and downwards to the base of his rapidly thickening cock. He touched it delicately, feather light, drawing a gasp from Mike. A glance at his lover’s face told Alex that they shared the growing desire. Mike’s eyes were dark with lust, his mouth slightly open.

Alex reached under the pillow for the lube and slicked his fingers, quickly preparing Mike a little roughly, thrusting two fingers inside him.

“You want me to fuck you,” he growled, “don’t you? Hard and fast, right?” Mike’s face flushed with excitement and he bit his lower lip between sharp white teeth. He nodded, spreading his legs and rolling his hips upward. Alex grabbed a pillow and placed it under him, barely hesitating before pushing the head of his dick into the slick entrance. He slowed down for a moment, not wanting to hurt Mike, giving him a few seconds to adjust before sliding home, his balls resting against his ass.

Mike groaned as his body reacted to the painful pleasure of his lover filling him. Alex immediately started to move, thrusting slowly into him, gliding almost all the way out and then pushing deep.

“Oh god, yes,” Mike gasped, canting his hips higher to change the angle slightly. “Alex, please, fuck me hard!” Alex took him at his word and started to drive into him, pounding into him as Mike urged him on. Alex grabbed Mike’s hand and directed it to his cock, wrapping both their fingers around the straining shaft.

“C’mon, baby,” he gasped, establishing the rhythm, then replaced his hand on Mike’s hip, his fingers digging into the flesh as he drove them towards climax. Mike pumped his hand, straining upwards.

“OhgodohgodohmyGOD!” he yelled loudly as he came, spilling copiously over his hand and belly.

“Yesyesyesyesyes!” Alex chanted, feeling the contractions tightening around him and he poured himself into his lover, falling forwards onto his sweat slicked chest. They lay panting, gasping for breath as the pleasure slowly diminished, then Alex eased out slowly, rolling to the side, his fingers tangling with Mike’s. Their breathing finally slowed and Alex glanced at the tousled, flushed man beside him.

“Woof indeed!” he said and laughed quietly.

* * * * * * * *

Freshly showered and shaved, the two men joined Rick at the breakfast table. Grabbing mugs of coffee, they collapsed into their chairs, each of them wincing slightly. Rick watched the performance and gave a short laugh.

“Had fun?” he asked. Mike snorted a laugh but Alex blushed.

“Ah, ah.” Rick waved a remonstrating forefinger at him. “None of that, Alex. If you’re going to be embarrassed by anything that happens here then we’re going to have big problems.” Alex looked stricken and dropped his eyes, missing the smile lighting his lover’s face. Rick sounded positively stern.

“Yep,” Rick continued, “big problems. ‘Cos every time you blush like that I have this overwhelming urge to kiss you stupid.” He matched his actions to his words, moving over to Alex and pulling him out of his chair. Alex found himself wrapped in a ferocious bear hug, then Rick’s mouth descended on his with amazing tenderness. Alex opened to him, surprised by the contrast, and Rick’s tongue slid into his mouth with deft skill.

When he finally released him, Alex was weak-kneed and gasping. He fell back into his chair, his head rolling back, his eyes closed. Mike looked on admiringly, then slipped into Rick’s arms.

“My turn,” he coaxed, and Rick happily obliged.

They spent a quiet day at home, then decided to go out for the evening. Mike suggested they grab a bite to eat at Pete’s bar where he could have a game of pool. Alex had never been there and it had been a while since Mike and Rick had, so they agreed. As they drove into town, they told Alex about their first meeting at the bar and Alex listened with envy as they reminisced about the early stages of their relationship.

“I wish I’d been there!” he exclaimed spontaneously. “I seem to have missed so much! I just never have enough time with you,” he added sadly.

Rick seized his opportunity.
“Well, we could change that,” he offered. “I’ve been thinking –“

“Oh, oh!” Mike and Alex chorused, and they all laughed.

“Yeah, well,” Rick grinned. “You two have all the smarts but it seems it takes the old man to come up with the ideas.” Mike punched him in the arm and growled at him, but Alex asked,

“So, what were you thinking, Rick?”

“I have a proposal for you, Alex, and I want you to think seriously about it.”

“I’m listening.”

“Well, John and I are thinking about expanding but we need someone to manage the new project . . .”

“And?” Alex was fully focused on Rick.

“Well, I think you are suitably qualified and I thought I might suggest you for the post, if you’re interested. John would have to give his approval but I don’t really see a problem with that. You wouldn’t be working for me,” he added hastily, “not directly, at least, I’m just going to be a sleeping partner. There’s only one hitch in the plan.”

“Which is?”

“You’d have to move here,” Rick said, glancing at Alex and Mike as he said it. Mike let out a whoop and Alex just stared. How was it that Rick managed to make life so easy?

”Anyway,” Rick continued, “if you’re interested, I’ll arrange for you to have a preliminary meeting with John while you’re here – tomorrow, I suppose – and he can tell you all about what’s involved.”

“I’m interested,” Alex said, grinning hugely.

“Good.” Rick pulled the truck into the bar’s parking lot and they strolled inside.

To be continued . . .

© j.d. davis 2003