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the silver fox



As the plane taxied out onto the runway, Mike handed Alex and Rick a small notebook each.

“Remember when you were both off on business trips a few months ago,” he said. “You asked me how I’d occupied my time and I said I’d found a project to keep me busy.” They nodded and he continued, “Well, this was my project. I started it then and have been working on it off and on ever since. I’ve been wondering when to give these to you, but there never seems to be an appropriate time. So I’m just going to give them to you now. You can while away the flight reading them,” he added, smiling sweetly. He in turn opened a paperback novel, but couldn’t resist peeping at his friends as they became immersed in their books.

Rick turned the pages slowly, occasionally turning back to re-read something. Alex read through his at lightning speed then went back to the beginning and read it again more slowly. Their expressions were similar and Mike smiled to himself, satisfied that his project would bear fruit.

Each book contained diary entries, commentaries, quotations and amusing little cartoon sketches, recording Mike’s thoughts about their developing relationship. Rick was particularly moved by the entry “A Night at the Opera”. It began with a quotation from La Traviata:

‘Tra voi saprò dividere

Il tempo mio giocondo:

Tutto è follia nel mondo

Ciò che non è piacer.

Godiam, fugace e rapido

E il gaudio dell’amore:

E un fior che nasce e muore,

Nè più si può goder.


C’invita un ervido

Accento lusinghier.’

followed by Mike’s comment,

“I know you don’t need me to translate this word for word, but what it says is so true: ‘With you I would share my days of happiness; everything is folly in this world that does not give us pleasure. Let us enjoy life, for the pleasures of love are swift and fleeting as a flower that lives and dies and can be enjoyed no more. Let’s take our pleasure! While its ardent, brilliant summons lures us on.’ Although, I can only pray that our love will be neither swift nor fleeting because it is for life and I’m planning on that being a long, long time with countless days of happiness! However, if it is fleeting for any reason, I want you to know how many days of happiness you have already shared with me. I love you.”

It was the last entry in the book. When Rick had finished reading this passage several times, he turned to Mike and murmured,

“We will have to wait until this plane lands so I can express myself properly, but this is the most beautiful, extraordinary gift. Thank you, my love.” He squeezed Mike’s hand gently and glanced over at Alex.

Like Rick’s, Alex’s book also ended with a quotation. Less erudite but just as apt, Mike had quoted a popular song:

They say that all good things

Will come to those who wait

And if we believe in each other

I know we can make it together

Baby it's just a matter of time

If we can take it slow everything will be alright

Let it flow, and I know that we'll find

It's just a matter of time

When you feel down and out of touch

And no-one's there, no-one's there to lift you up

Life's not as bad as it may seem

Just hold on tight and never lose sight of your dreams

They say that all good things will come to those who wait

and if we believe in each other I know we can make it together

(Dream Street)

His comment was brief and to the point.

“I love you, Alex. Rick loves you. We love you. We can make it together.”

Beneath, written in a different pen, Mike had added:

“Although I still mean every word of the above, I think you now know how we feel, especially after our night at the opera and Rick’s subsequent words to you. (No, I wasn’t asleep and I heard him!) I shall leave it to him if he wishes to add anything further. For me, I must only add I love you.”

Alex closed the slim volume and found that his hands were shaking. Rick noticed and leaned across Mike to cover them with his strong fingers. He gripped them for a moment, stilling the tremors. Alex regained control and, in turn, whispered in Mike’s ear,

“Thank you with all my heart. This is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever given me.”

Mike was absolutely delighted at their reaction. He had worked hard at putting together a memento that they could keep and share. He wanted them to read each other’s commentaries, then they would all be aware of how he felt. Rick and Alex would have their own ways of expressing themselves, but he had achieved his objective. They sat silently, lost in their thoughts, until the pilot announced they were arriving at Nassau International.

After the usual flurry of formalities and a taxi ride through downtown Nassau, over the bridge to Paradise Island with its spectacular view of the harbour, they arrived at the secluded oasis of The Ocean Club. Rick had booked a two bedroomed garden cottage, and they spent some time exploring it before unpacking and freshening up after their journey. They had already discussed what they planned to do for their week’s stay – absolutely nothing! -although Mike had made a case for visiting the nearby casino, at least once.

By tacit agreement, Rick took the larger bedroom with the king size bed, and Mike and Alex shared the other. They showered and changed, their choice of clothing setting the mood for the time ahead. Rick appeared in cream chinos and a loose cotton shirt; Alex opted for white shorts and a pale green polo shirt; Mike emerged last and made the other two laugh. He was wearing cut-offs and a skinny T-shirt, which rode up whenever he moved, revealing tantalising glimpses of his abdomen. He looked absurdly young and positively delicious. Rick shook his head and groaned.

“Dammit, Mike, you look like jailbait! One of us is going to have to run interference for you!” Mike grinned and said cheekily,

“And won’t you have a good time doing just that!” He slipped his sunglasses on and added,

“Come on, you guys, let’s have a look around.”

They wandered down to explore the beach and strolled by the water’s edge, admiring the incredible mix of colours shading from turquoise and aquamarine in the shallows to a deep blue on the horizon. It truly was breathtaking.

“This is incredible,” Alex said gazing around. “It’s perfect, Rick.” Mike concurred, and Rick smiled at their obvious pleasure.

“You deserve it,” he said gruffly. “C’mon, let’s go get one of those exotic cocktails and watch the sunset.”

They sat outside at the bar, watching the sky shade into gold and pink as the sun slipped below the horizon. The air was delightfully warm and the scent of jasmine drifted on the sea breeze. A smiling waitress brought them tall glasses decorated with fruit and paper umbrellas, and they toasted each other with huge grins. They surely were in paradise. Lingering over their drinks until the sky had shaded to grey and the first stars appeared, they then strolled around until they found a casual dining spot and had a relaxed dinner. Rick had already noted the five star restaurant and planned to book a table for their last night. Until then, they would just make it up as they went along.

When they returned to their cottage, they were totally relaxed and ready for some fun. They gathered in Rick’s room and chatted idly about their first impressions of the resort and The Bahamas in general. Rick was watching his two lovers and felt his desire start to build. He wanted them both and did not hesitate to let them know.

“Well,” he said, “you’ve had enough sun, sand and sea for one day, so how about . . . ?” He grinned and raised an eyebrow. Alex and Mike looked at each other, then at him.

“Oh, yes -,” Alex breathed, his green eyes glowing.

“Please,” Mike finished with a grin. Without preamble, they stripped and sat on the bed. Rick knelt between them, his hands running over their naked skin. Alex gasped as Rick touched his erection and reached out to return the caress. Rick's other hand was equally busy with Mike, sliding down his abdomen to find his cock, just as Mike reached out to touch him. Rick moaned softly as he felt the touch of both their hands, continuing to stroke them at the same time.

Rick looked into Alex's eyes and a wave of intense passion hit

him. He lengthened his strokes on Alex's penis, tightening, squeezing, making

him gasp.

"Oh God," Alex whispered, tilting his head back, his lips parting invitingly. Mike's tongue found its way into his mouth, thrusting in time to Rick’s insistent rhythm.

Rick maneuvered Alex until he lay in front of Mike, then reached into the nightstand for the lube, quickly slicking his fingers. Alex gasped as he felt Rick's fingers smoothing over him, then gasped again as those fingers gently entered him. Alex closed his eyes and leaned his head back against Mike, Mike’s arms drawing him close, his eyes never leaving Rick’s face. Mike moaned as Rick leaned across and concentrated on him, his hand moving none too gently before placing him against Alex's entrance.

Alex lifted his leg, arching his back to give Mike better access.

"Mike, I want you inside him," Rick ordered.

At his words, Alex whispered a simple, "Yes." Mike moaned as he held onto Alex's hips and pushed, loving the hot, tight feeling as well as the sigh of pleasure Alex made as he pushed back to meet him. Mike sheathed himself completely and rocked his hips, thrusting deep, angling for his prostate. Alex cried out as his small gland was caressed again and again. Mike smiled against his neck, then thrust harder, loving the sounds that emitted from his lover's throat. Rick moved down Alex's body, Alex crying out as Rick's mouth engulfed him.

"Oh fuck!" he cried again as Mike changed his thrusts, adjusting with Rick's motion.

Mike fought for control, groaning with need as he watched Rick pleasure Alex. He slowed down his thrusts, changing their angle, moving hard and deep, timing them again with Rick's mouth. Alex's breathing began to alter and Mike could tell he was close to coming.

"Oh God, oh God, yes, Rick...Mike...I’m gonna come!" and he screamed, loud and long, clutching Rick's shoulder as he came down his throat.

Mike cried out as Alex's anal muscles contracted around him, then felt Rick's hand reaching underneath to squeeze his balls, preventing his orgasm.

“Wait!” Rick ordered and Mike struggled to control himself while Rick slid upwards to kiss Alex on the mouth, then moved and settled behind Mike, kissing the back of his neck. Mike felt his tongue sliding down his spine and he moaned loudly, his hands caressing Alex while Rick started to pleasure him. Rick moved even lower and the tip of his tongue teased around his opening, then stiffened and plunged inside him.

Mike yelled with the shock of the pleasurable sensation, gasping uncontrollably. Alex felt Mike's dick throb inside him and moaned along with him.

Rick quickly lubed himself before impaling Mike with his cock in one smooth stroke, pushing deep and hard.

"Oh – my - God!" Mike exclaimed as Rick held himself still for a few moments while Mike adjusted to him. Alex felt the connection as Mike trembled inside him.

Rick closed his eyes and thrust slowly all the way in, as deep as he could. Mike pushed back, demanding, and Rick began to move, his thrusts forcing Mike to do the same to Alex. Suddenly Rick thrust harder and, as Mike yelled his pleasure, did it again...and again...and again.

"Yes, Rick...fuck me hard." Mike gasped the words out, meanwhile clinging to Alex as he shuddered beneath Rick’s onslaught. Rick did as he asked, pushing into him with long, hard strokes, then suddenly, he slammed even harder, making Mike cry out, begging him to finish it.

" Gonna give it to you,!" and Rick increased the pace, thrusting into him, hard and fast.

Alex gasped as Mike rammed into him in reaction to Rick and, leaning forward, clutched the bedding to anchor himself. He looked over his

shoulder and urged Rick on, " That’s it, Rick. Fuck him hard, hard and fast!"

"Oh yeah!" Rick whispered, and between his thrusts and Alex bracing himself against the motion, Mike was literally engulfed by his lovers. He cried out in extremis and bit into Alex’s shoulder, gasping out the ecstasy overwhelming him.

"Rick - oh God - Alex!" he screamed as his orgasm crashed through him. Alex followed him with a short dry climax as Mike's semen spurted into him. They both gasped and panted as Rick continued to piston into Mike, finally unable to hold back any longer. He groaned as his climax spiralled through him, the sounds from his lovers intensifying his orgasm until he moaned and collapsed against Mike’s back

They each held onto the other, Alex reaching back to grip Mike's thigh, which was all that was within his reach without some gymnastic movement. Mike slipped an arm around Alex's waist, just as Rick slipped his over Mike's chest. And thus they slept.

* * * * * * * *

The time slid by in a haze of lazy, sunny days, warm evenings and energetic nights. On the last day, Rick sent Alex and Mike off to play in the casino and set out by himself to complete the anniversary celebration. He had already booked dinner for them and only had one other thing to accomplish. They met up in the evening, Alex and Mike flushed and happy with their small success at the tables. They dressed more formally for their last evening and went down to dinner at the exclusive Dunes restaurant in high spirits.

The meal was exquisite, champagne flowed freely, and it wasn’t until they were nursing a post-prandial liqueur and coffee in the library that Rick revealed what he had been doing while his lovers were gambling.

“I have something for you,” he said, and produced two small, gift-wrapped boxes from his jacket pocket.

“Rick,” Mike protested, “there’s no need. This has been the most amazing week and we can’t thank you enough.”

“Yes, Rick,” Alex chimed in. “you’ve been incredibly generous, we don’t need anything else.” Rick flushed slightly and said,

“I’m glad you’ve enjoyed yourselves as much as I have. Humour me, please, and accept a small token from me to the two of you. It’s part of your anniversary present, Mike, but it’s also to mark our relationship, Alex, and it would please me greatly if you would accept.”

There was nothing to say or do after that except to open the gifts. Under the discreet wrapping were jeweller’s boxes containing identical rings. They were Russian wedding rings, three strands of yellow, white and rose gold intertwined, the meaning of them perfectly clear. Alex and Mike looked at them, then at each other, before they each slipped the ring on the little finger of their left hands. Rick fumbled in his inside pocket and withdrew a similar one, which he also put on. Silently, Rick looked at the faces of his two lovers.

Mike’s eyes glowed, his lips forming a soundless ‘Oh’ as he gazed at Rick, the depths of his feelings reflected in the blueness that rivaled the Bahamian waters. Alex’s face was very still, and Rick watched as his eyes filled slowly with tears, which he blinked away hurriedly. Rick’s own eyes were moist and he hid his emotions by clearing his throat and saying gruffly,

“Well, at least they fit!” They all smiled and Mike said softly,

“Thank you, Rick.” There was nothing else to say.

Alex was still speechless, the truth of his place in their relationship finally registering. All his concerns, the nights when he thought about leaving Rick and Mike together, his fears of remaining the outsider, all dissolved under the full realization that Rick loved him. Rick was watching him carefully and smiled his particular, tender smile that only his lovers saw. He stretched out his left hand, the ring gleaming in the dim light, and Alex and Mike both covered it as they sealed their bond of love with the gesture. Three hands, three rings, three strands of gold intertwined and inseparable.

© j.d. davis 2003