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the silver fox



Mike looked at the calendar on his desk and noted the red ring around the 25th. Two weeks until he and Rick would be celebrating their first anniversary although, since Alex had joined them, he was unsure whether they should have a celebration that essentially excluded him. Alex was still sensitive about being the ‘third man’. Not that he wouldn’t be invited, but perhaps he would feel somewhat awkward participating. However, Mike did not want the event to go unmarked. They had had an amazing year together and Rick deserved some acknowledge-ment of how much he had changed his life.

They had had their ups and downs, especially in the early days of their relationship, but the last few months since Alex had moved in with them had been incredible. Mike was still amazed at how simply Rick had intervened to resolve a situation that had seemed impossibly complex. Rick had his own particular way of dealing with complexity – he just made it simple and allowed others to accept or reject his solution. So far, he hadn’t put a foot wrong.

Mike decided to follow Rick’s example and make things simple. He picked up the phone and called Alex.

“Hey, Alex, do you have a moment?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“I want to discuss something with you, I need your take on something I’m planning.”

“I’m all ears.” Mike could hear the smile in Alex’s voice. He could picture him at his desk, coolly efficient as always, the phone propped under his chin, pen doodling on a legal pad, poised to take notes as necessary.

“Rick and I will have been together for a year on the 25th and I want to celebrate it somehow, but I need to know how you would feel about it.”

“I see,” Alex said thoughtfully. “You’re worrying about me, is that it?”

“Um – yes – I don’t want you feeling left out.” Alex laughed.

“Well, as long as you don’t leave me out I can’t see it being a problem! What are you planning on doing?”

“I don’t know yet, I wanted to talk to you first.”

“Well give it some thought and we’ll discuss it later, I’ll be more than happy to help. But one thing is for sure; you are not going to be cooking! If it’s to be a special night the last thing you should be doing is working!”

“That’s great, Alex. I want to do something special, surprise him in some way.”

“He deserves it. Put your thinking cap on and I’ll mull over a few ideas, too.” Mike heard the ringing of a telephone and Alex said,

“Got to go, that’s my other line. See you tonight.” Mike said goodbye and hung up feeling better.

That night Rick informed them that he had to take a quick trip to Washington and they welcomed the opportunity to plan for the anniversary without him being there. They still had no idea what they would do but with Rick away they would have time to devise something really special. Meanwhile, Rick was well aware of the upcoming anniversary and he was formulating plans of his own. He anticipated Mike would arrange something on the day and would probably want it to be a surprise, so he would not disappoint him; he fully intended to pretend that he had forgotten the date. He planned to drive Mike crazy by assuming an air of unconcern.

Inspiration hit on the way back from the airport. Mike had driven Rick there and Alex had come along for the ride. As they were heading back into town, Alex noticed a billboard advertising a gala performance of ‘La Traviata’ on the night of the 25th. It was to be a charity black-tie event with a champagne reception before the performance. He drew Mike’s attention to it and they decided this would be a perfect way to celebrate. Rick was a great opera fan and the guest appearance of Placido Domingo singing Alfredo would be irresistible to him. They could not believe their luck that the event would be on the actual date of the anniversary.

Arriving home, Mike called and, although the poster had declared ‘Sold Out’, this only applied to the seating and he managed to reserve a box for the three of them. Alex suggested they also arranged for a late supper at Rick’s favorite restaurant after the performance and a limo service to make the evening totally memorable. They conspired together about how to end the evening and made plans of an entirely different sort to ensure Rick would never forget his night at the opera.

Rick, meanwhile, took time out from his busy schedule of meetings to make some arrangements of his own. He knew Mike would be on his half term break a couple of weeks after their anniversary and had already spoken to his partner about freeing up some time for Alex. He had arranged his own schedule to enable him to take a week ‘s break, one of the reasons he was in Washington now. His boys would not be disappointed.

* * * * * * * *

The limo arrived promptly at seven and Mike and Alex were waiting anxiously for Rick. The two of them looked stunning in the formal black and white evening dress. Alex’s polished, sophisticated appearance brought a flow of compliments from Mike, but Alex had been unable to say anything when he first saw Mike. There was only one word for him – beautiful. His long blond hair had been cut recently, reaching barely to his collar in a soft wave. Excitement made his blue eyes sparkle and brought a slight flush to his cheeks. He was stunning and Alex finally leaned towards him and brushed a quick kiss over his lips.

“You look amazing,” he whispered.

“Thanks,” Mike replied, then turned his head and shouted,

“Rick, the limo’s here, c’mon!”

Rick had waited until the others were dressed before changing. He hated to dress up and was only doing so to please his lovers. He’d had to buy a tux and refused to let them go with him while he shopped for a ‘penguin’ suit. And he positively refused to wear a bow tie. He had also been delayed because as soon as he had seen Mike in his tux he had wanted to take it off him again. He was positively edible! Mike had escaped his passionate embraces and frowned at him, asking him to hurry up. Now he lingered a moment checking his appearance in the mirror. He would do his boys proud but he couldn’t compete with their glamour.

“Coming,” he said grumpily and emerged into the hallway. Alex and Mike stared at him and he twisted round, trying to check his back view.

“What?” he demanded, somewhat embarrassed. “What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing,” Mike stammered, a stunned look on his face. Alex was also staring, his mouth slightly open. Rick became extremely uncomfortable and said,

“What is wrong with you two? You both look great,” he added, “I’ll just have to hide behind you since I obviously look like a clown!”

Alex and Mike looked at each other, then Alex’s mouth twitched, Mike started to smile and they ended up laughing. Rick did not look like a clown. Neither of them could believe just how sexy he looked dressed all in black. Rick had eschewed the normal white dress shirt and black tie for a collarless black shirt fastened with a stud. His silver hair gleamed; his hard, lean body screamed ‘dangerous’ - God help the people at the reception when they feasted their eyes on him!

“Right,” Rick said as the men laughed, “I’m changing.” He turned back towards the bedroom and Alex managed to control himself enough to gasp,

“No, Rick, honestly, you look incredible! I’ve never seen you look so . . .” Words failed him. Mike tried instead.

“You look fabulous, Rick, really. We’ll have to beat them off with sticks!”

“With you two there - hardly,” Rick commented, feeling a little better. Maybe he didn’t look so bad after all.

Once in the limo, Rick looked at his companions.

“So, where are we going?” Mike shook his head.

“It’s a surprise,” he said for the umpteenth time. Rick smiled slightly. Mike had been very good about not saying anything all day. Rick had behaved as if it was just another Saturday – no mention of the anniversary, no hearts and flowers sentimentality. Alex had broached the matter of a function he wanted them to attend earlier in the week, had persuaded Rick to get all dressed up and go with them as it was for charity, and Rick had played along. He had caught Mike glancing at him a couple of times during the day, looking a little downcast, but he would soon make him feel better.

They arrived at the Arts Center and strolled into the foyer, which was already crowded with guests. Waiters circulated with trays of champagne and canapés and they each took a glass. Several heads turned as they made their way through the room, the women especially admiring. It was rare for three such stunningly attractive men to arrive together and they could not fail to bask in the attention they were receiving.

Rick finally realised what Mike and Alex had arranged for him. He maneuvered them to one side and said softly,

“La Traviata? How did you manage to get tickets? They’ve been sold out for months! You guys are incredible!” And despite the crowds of people, he pulled each one of them into a hug. Mike beamed and stole a quick kiss while no-one was looking.

“Happy Anniversary, Rick!” he whispered, delighted at his reaction to the surprise.

The performance was miraculous and Rick was lost in the music from the moment the orchestra started the overture. Mike and Alex also enjoyed it but were not so engrossed. They exchanged whispers occasionally, commenting on how enthralled Rick looked. Alex had arranged for a bottle of champagne to be delivered to the box during the interval and, once the waiter had departed, handed glasses to Mike and Rick. He raised his glass to them.

“A toast,” he said softly, “to the two of you. Happy Anniversary to my best friends, my lovers.” They clinked glasses and took a sip, then Rick set his glass down. He glanced around the theatre to ensure they were not being observed, then pulled Mike into his arms and kissed him passionately.

“Happy Anniversary,” he said. “I love you with all my heart. And thank you.”

“Happy Anniversary,” Mike replied when he could. “I’m so happy you like your surprise!”

They turned as one towards Alex and drew him close. Rick kissed him and said,

“Thank you Alex. I love you and I appreciate everything you’ve done to make tonight special. We’ll celebrate our anniversary in due time.” Mike moved in and also kissed him.

“Yes, thank you Alex. I love you, too.” Alex smiled happily and they resumed their seats for the rest of the performance.

The late night supper was a great success with more champagne flowing. Mike had had several glasses, which was unusual for him, and he became rather giggly. Rick shook his head and said,

“Mike, you’re a champagne drunk. Be very grateful tomorrow is Sunday because you are going to have a terrible hangover!” Mike laughed and leaned against him.

“Who cares? It’ll be worth it!”

“You’ll care in the morning,” Alex chimed in. “Just make sure you take some aspirin and drink lots of water before you go to bed tonight.”

“Not a chance,” Mike giggled. “I’ve got pla-a-a-ns for tonight.” He leered comically at Rick and they all laughed, but his comment changed the atmosphere. Alex watched Rick’s eyes darken and his own thoughts turned to the night ahead. He and Mike did have plans and he hoped Mike would be sober enough to enjoy them.

The shift in mood made them anxious to leave, so they settled the bill and drove home, Mike leaning against Rick’s shoulder, his eyes closed, for the whole of the journey. Alex watched him in amusement and turned to smile at Rick, expecting to see a similar expression. The look on Rick’s face caught his breath. He had his arm round Mike and was looking down at the blond head with an expression of such tenderness that Alex felt like a voyeur. For the first time that evening he felt excluded, an outsider, and he was overcome by mixed emotions. The champagne he had drunk did not help and he looked away, his eyes smarting with unshed tears.

Rick finally glanced at him and noticed the look of sadness on Alex’s pale face. He reached out with his spare hand and intertwined his fingers with Alex’s. When Alex looked up in surprise, he saw the same expression of tenderness directed at him. He managed a shaky smile and Rick pulled him gently towards him, bending his head to kiss him.

“Don’t,” he whispered against his mouth. “You’re as much a part of this as Mike and I, understand?” Alex nodded, his heart warmed by Rick’s words.

When they arrived home Rick disappeared into the den. Alex and Mike collapsed on the couch and Rick caught them with their heads together.

“You two still conspiring?” he asked lightly and they guiltily parted. “I have something for you, Mike,” he continued and handed him an envelope. Mike assumed it was a card and felt a twinge of disappointment that Rick had not marked the occasion in any other way. However, Rick had had a special evening and that had pleased him more than anything.

“Thanks,” he said and looked at the plain white envelope in his hand.

“Well, open it!” Rick said impatiently. Mike slid his finger under the flap and extracted a dark blue folder. Wondering what on earth Rick was up to, he opened the folder and his eyes bugged in his head as he examined the contents.

“Oh my God!” he exclaimed, “Oh Rick, oh wow, oh my God!”

“What?” Alex asked, noting Mike’s stupefaction. Mike silently handed the folder to him and leapt to his feet to kiss Rick with incredible passion. Alex looked in the folder and he, too, gasped. Inside were three round trip tickets to Nassau, a brochure for the exclusive Ocean Club resort and a small card in Rick’s distinctive scrawl saying simply, ‘Happy Anniversary - SSSS’.

Alex was rendered as speechless as Mike and waited to express his thanks in similar fashion. When they finally released him, Rick managed to say,

“Well, I take it you like the idea! I’ve already arranged for you to have the time off, Alex,” he added, “so don’t even think about not coming with us!”

He watched with an indulgent smile as the two men studied the brochure, waiting for the inevitable question.

“What do the four S’s mean?” asked Mike.

“Guess!” Rick grinned. When they looked blankly at him he gave them a hint.

“Sun –“

“Sand, sea – “ Alex prompted, laughing and Mike giggled drunkenly,

“And SEX,” he shouted. “Yippee!” Alex and Rick howled at him, then Rick yawned hugely.

“Okay, I think we’ve had enough excitement for one night. I’m going to bed.” He rose to his feet and Mike followed suit, suddenly sober.

“The night’s not over yet, Rick,” he said. Rick studied his expression, his eyes darkening with desire as Mike stared hungrily at him. Without a word, he turned and walked to his bedroom. He undressed and slipped into bed, eagerly anticipating whatever it was that Mike and Alex had planned.

The two men followed after a few minutes. Mike busied himself lighting candles and turning out the lights while Alex came over and sat on the edge of the bed beside Rick.

“I know this is a special night for you and Mike, so I’m going to leave you two alone in a little while.” He laid a finger on Rick’s lips as he started to protest. “No,” he continued sternly, “Mike and I have discussed this and you don’t have any say in the matter!” Rick smiled. “However,” Alex continued, “I am going to join in some of the fun. Now lie back and enjoy yourself!”

Rick was puzzled but did as he was told, settling back against the pillows as Alex moved away to rejoin Mike. They stood facing each other, the flickering candlelight casting their shadows over the wall and ceiling. As Rick watched, they started to undress each other slowly. Rick could not tear his eyes away as they gradually slipped off each other’s clothes, doing nothing else. He felt a slow burn start in his groin, his cock stiffening almost unbearably when they were finally naked and reached for each other.

They kissed for a long moment then Mike started to move slowly downwards. He traced a line of small kisses down Alex’s throat and chest before sinking to his knees in front of him. As Rick watched, Mike kissed and licked up Alex’s inner thighs, laving his balls with his tongue and then took Alex in his mouth and started to suck him off. It was one of the most erotic scenes Rick had ever witnessed. As Alex groaned beneath Mike’s ministrations, Rick’s hand curled around his dick, stroking gently. He did not want to come yet but his excitement as he watched the two men make love was almost unbearable.

Alex started to move, his hips thrusting slowly forward as Mike’s mouth suckled him. Mike grabbed his hips and controlled the movement until Alex could take no more. He gasped Mike’s name, his head falling back as he came and Mike swallowed him down. Alex slid slowly to his knees, his head resting on Mike’s shoulder as he groaned and shuddered in his arms. Rick realised he was holding his breath and gasped for oxygen. He had never witnessed anything quite so erotic in his entire life.

After a few moments, Alex kissed Mike and rose slowly to his feet, pulling Mike with him. He led him over to Rick and said softly,

“He’s all yours.” Rick reached out and pulled Alex down into a fierce kiss. His eyes spoke volumes and Alex smiled.

“I know,” he said. “I love you, too.” Then he moved away and slipped quietly out of the room. Mike stood before Rick, magnificently erect, his body gleaming in the candlelight. He was beautiful, Rick thought and extended a welcoming hand to him. Mike slid in beside him and Rick pulled him close, just holding him for a moment. Then he started to pepper his jaw with kisses.

“You are the most amazing – gorgeous – sexy – fabulous - most wanton – sexy – did I say sexy? – “ His voice trailed away and he found Mike’s lips, kissing him until they both had to break off. Mike smiled shyly and said,
“So, did you like your surprise?” Rick took hold of his hand and slid it down his body and said,
“You can feel how much! That has got to have been the most erotic thing anyone could have thought of!” Mike grinned happily, then said,

“Well, all we have to do now is take care of this.” His hand tightened slightly and Rick closed his eyes, moaning with pleasure.

“What would you like?” Mike whispered, his voice rough with passion.

“I want you inside me,” Rick gasped. “I want to be inside you. I just want you, all of you, NOW!”

Mike slipped from his embrace, knelt up and grabbed the lube from the bedside drawer. He put his hands behind his back and said,

“Choose. Whoever ends up with it gets to do the other one.” Rick laughed and poked Mike on his left arm. He brought his hand forward and opened it slowly – it was empty. He grinned.

“Turn over,” he said hoarsely and slicked his fingers.

“No, I want to watch you,” Rick said and Mike nodded his agreement. Never taking his eyes from Rick’s, Mike’s hand slid underneath, avoiding his straining erection, and Rick felt the cool wet pressure as he massaged his perineum. One by one he slipped three fingers inside him, slowly, carefully, opening him gently, giving him time to adjust between each. Rick groaned and closed his eyes briefly, then reached up to pull Mike into a searing kiss.

“Now!” he demanded and Mike breached him, his cock entering the tight, velvety heat of him, his eyes never leaving Rick’s.

“God, you are so beautiful,” Rick gasped, watching as Mike fought for control. Sweat beaded his brow as he established a slow rhythm, thrusting ever deeper until he found the sweet spot and Rick gave in to the exquisite pleasure.

“Fuck me,” he said through gritted teeth. “Mike, give it to me, I want it, fuck me hard, now!”

Speeding up his thrusts, Mike pounded into the body of his lover, watching his face, the way he gripped his lower lip between his teeth, his hands clutching at the sheets. Throwing his head back, arching high, Rick came with a yell, calling his name, his semen spurting over his belly and chest. As the contractions gripped him, Mike felt the heat rising inside, his balls tightening and he poured himself out, shuddering and gasping for what seemed an eternity. He leaned forward to find his lover’s mouth and they clung together while they both calmed.

Mike slid slowly out of him and Rick gathered him close, cradling his head on his shoulder, whispering words of love until their eyes closed and they slept.

* * * * * * * *

Very early the next morning, Alex slid silently into the bedroom and smiled at the sight before him. Rick was sound asleep with Mike in his arms, his tousled blond hair peeping out from the sheets the only part visible. A couple of the pillar candles were still burning, although most had burned down to puddles of wax. Alex carefully snuffed the guttering wicks and shed the towel wrapped around his waist. He slid quietly into bed behind Rick and spooned up against him, his right hand carefully insinuating itself between the lovers to settle around Rick’s waist. Rick did not stir and Alex pressed a light kiss to the nape of his neck and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep again. He had left them alone last night, but he had just indulged in one of his fantasies. After all, he deserved some compensation for being so selfless and anticipation of Rick waking up to find him there made him smile even as he slept.

Rick woke first and grinned to himself when he realised Alex had joined them at some point during the night. Mike was still snuggled into his shoulder and had not moved since they had fallen asleep, but he could feel Alex’s arm around his waist. He eased his position a little, trying to shift Mike’s weight and restore some circulation to his left arm. Mike snuffled and turned over, away from him, and Rick flexed his cramped muscles with relief. Mike was no lightweight and a whole night of him being so close had left Rick uncomfortably stiff in more ways than one.

As he moved he disturbed Alex who awoke immediately. He tightened his arm around Rick and nuzzled his neck.

“Good morning,” he whispered.

“Morning,” Rick murmured back. “I don’t think we need to whisper, actually,” he continued, but kept his voice low. “Our champagne baby is going to sleep for a while and have a very sore head when he does wake.”

“We did tell him,” Alex agreed. “I’ll go and put some coffee on.”

“No rush,” Rick replied and carefully turned onto his other side so that he could face Alex. He kissed him softly and said,

“How’re you doing?”

“I’m just fine, Rick, how about you? Have a good time?”

“Spectacular. Thanks, Alex, it was a very special evening. You’re a wonderful person, you know that?” Alex flushed at the unexpected compliment.

“I aim to please,” he said facetiously. Rick smiled and shook his head slightly.

“You’re such a sweetheart,” he said softly and kissed him, “but you don’t fool me for a moment.”

“What do you mean?” Alex’s voice cracked a little as he saw the hungry look in Rick’s eyes.

“You are not a minor partner, Alex. We’re all equals here, I want you to remember that.” Rick frowned a little, weighing his words. “You’re still not convinced of that, I can tell,” he continued. “I’m planning on convincing you,” he purred. “Tonight.” Alex shivered at his words and the husky delivery. He closed his eyes and whispered,

“Oh God, Rick, I – “

“Yes – tonight.” Alex felt his cock stiffen and he ducked his head away from Rick’s gaze. Rick lifted his chin with two fingers and said,

“Don’t do that. It’s long past the time when you understand you are wanted and loved – by both of us. I’ve tried to make that clear to you, Alex. After Jonas . . . I thought you understood.” Alex absorbed Rick’s words with pleasure. Although Rick had said he loved him, he also knew Rick's attraction for him would never have happened if it hadn't been for Mike and, despite Rick’s reassurances the night before, he realised he had never really felt fully accepted by him. Alex couldn't tell Mike about these feelings; Mike would not understand and he didn’t want to upset him. He loved Mike so much, and the last few weeks had been the best ones of his life. He not only loved Mike, he had been in love with Mike for years. He had grown to love Rick since the first time they met, had fallen in love with Rick some time ago, but had convinced himself the feelings weren't reciprocated.

Rick watched Alex’s expressive face and tried again to explain.

“If something ever happened to me, you’d stay with Mike, wouldn’t you?” he asked.

“Of course!”

“And what if something happened to Mike? Would you stay with me?”

“If you wanted me to,” Alex said, unthinking. Rick growled and gave him a little shake.

“That’s just what I mean!” he said. “I would want you to, don’t you realise that yet? Would you want to?” Alex suddenly got it.

“Oh yes!” he whispered. Rick smiled and ruffled his hair.

“That’s better,” he commented and kissed him again. Mike rolled over and groaned, interrupting them. Rick smiled and Alex said,

“I’ll go and make his coffee!” Rick released him and Alex headed for the kitchen. Rick went into the bathroom and found the aspirin; Mike was going to need them.

© j.d. davis