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generation v

Generation V

By Stash -

In keeping with Superdrewby's desire to provide you with great content I am very pleased to publish this new story Generation V by Stash! Stash is 27 years old from Munich in Germany and he is keen to get all the feedback on it as possible! Most of his time is spent on creative things like writing stories, music and he also is part of a Gay Radio Show in Munich on a Saturday Night!

Generation V is a gay mystery story written in the genre of author's like Stephen King, but instead of an all straight cast the main charcter in this book is gay! The story is full of magical moments that are both exciting and scary. The story is told by Justin, a highschool student who has just started at Hoverton College, a place that has an eerie and dark evil influence! If you enjoy scary stories that will keep you guessing and gasping right to the end, then read this story!

Stash is really into Scary Movies (e.g. "Scream", "Urban Legends", Final Destination" etc.) and filmed theater plays (like "Playing By Heart" and "Love And Human Remains"), and... there's one dark point in his personality - he's a really big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

When Stash wrote to me to tell me about his stories he also mentioned that he loves the idea of a gay horror novel so here it is! and as for the quote that most sums him up:


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