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Sean Cody Review

Sean Cody is the original website of Straight boys, jacking off for the camera depicting their first same sex experiences.

One of the really great things about this site is you get to see the progression of the guys from just jerking off for the camera, to getting blown by a guy for the first time, then later you may see them fuck another guy up the ass and then sometimes you get to see them actually get fucked for the very first time. All on camera in videos and pictures.

One of the most popular Uber Stars of Sean Cody is Patrick. This amazingly cute "straight" boy started off on a solo scene for the site and over the period of the next six to twelve months went from jerking off on cam to fucking a guy to becoming a "straight" power bottom.

One of the coolest things with Sean Cody are the stories that go along with each of the photos and video sets. Baily a total hotty muscle boy is one such story that gets more than just your blood racing!

Bailey is totally comfortable with his sexuality. He digs the ladies, but swears he’s never had any guy-on-guy action before. He’s the textbook definition of an exhibitionist. He doesn’t care what sex you are — just as long as he can show off his beautiful body for you. He does have a few gay friends and thankfully one is a fan of the site and referred him to work with me. When I first saw his pictures, I thought he was too good to be true. I had him fly out that same week so I could see what he looked like in person. What a body this guy has! He's totally ripped and he has the most adorable face I've seen in a long time. (excerpt from Baily's site)

All in All Sean Cody manages to find stunningly hot straight boys at least every week to add to his site of literally hundreds of videos and thousands of pictures. This is one hell of a great site to belong to!

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