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gay sex guide

Performance Enhancing Drugs

Many gay guys use or have used performance enhancing drugs during sex. Superdrewby does not imply that you should and it does not condone the use of any drug or illegal substance.

This section of the gay sex guide is presented as information on theses drugs, their side effects and the potential problems that you may have on them.

The two major performance enhancing drugs commonly used in the gay scene are Viagra and Amyl Nitrate (Poppers , Rush etc.).


Amyl NitrateAmyl Nitrate, Poppers or rush is a depressant and muscle relaxant which gives an almost immediate high. Amyl is legally sold in most countries of the world although it has been linked to the increased incidence of HIV AIDS as it can suppress the immune system. Most commonly used by gay men during sex to help relax the sphincter muscle. Amyl was originally developed in the late 19th century and was routinely used to treat angina and asthma attacks until more stable nitrate compounds were developed.

What it does

Blood pressure falls, pulse rate increases. The user may appear flushed and experience dizziness and a headache. Amyl nitrate is a muscle relaxant.

The psychoactive effects can include dis-inhibition, relaxation and a feeling of well being. Present emotions are intensified.

How it is taken

It is usually found in a liquid form and is inhaled through the nose or through the mouth.

What happens when you take it

About 10 - 15 seconds after inhaled you will get a high as your blood pressure falls and your pulse increases. It also relaxes the muscles and gives a short lived feeling of well-being. The muscle relaxant properties are one of the major reasons it is used by gay men during anal intercourse.

Side Effects

Short term side effects included blackouts, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Some users have also had heart attacks while using it. Long term side effects include rashes around the nose and mouth where it is used repeatedly, and a sever depression of the immune system which makes you more susceptible to illness.


You should not use this drug if you have any sort of heart condition as it can cause you to have a sudden and massive heart attack. Since it has been linked to depressed immune system functions and long term usage is not fully understood it has been linked to the increased incidence of HIV / AIDS and was one of the common factors in all gay men who contracted AIDS and Karposis Sarcoma in the 1980's.

Even though Amyl may be legal it is best to keep away from this drug due to the long term problems.


ViagraViagra has become a party drug favored by the gay dance scene over the last couple of years since it's introduction into the community. Viagra is commonly used to help treat penile impotence as it can produce a lasting erection in men unable to achieve one naturally. Viagra is usually found in pill form and is obtained through either prescription form a doctor, over the Internet (although it is dubious whether you are actually getting Viagra) and from people selling it on the streets and in clubs.

What it does

It decreases the flow of blood throughout your body and releases certain gases and enzymes in your penis which cause it to swell and become erect. This is from a scientific journal:

The story began several years ago when scientists found a tiny gas molecule called nitric oxide (NO) acting as a chemical communicator in our cells. Importantly, for sexual health, the release of NO by cells in the penis activates an enzyme called guanylate cyclase. This crucial reaction makes another molecule, cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). CGMP relaxes penile smooth muscle allows the arteries to expand and so blood rushes in giving an erection.


Essentially it does much the same thing as drugs such as Amyl Nitrate or Poppers. It gives a rush and you get a hardon which stays for hours and hours.

How it is taken

It is usually taken in pill or capsule form and the pill will have some sort of pharmaceutical mark on it

What happens when you take it

Basically apart from the he side effects you get a spontaneous and lasting erection.

Side Effects

The side effects are caused by the vaso restrictive effects of the drug, i.e. the lowering of the blood pressure and the restriction of the artery walls. Both of these can cause heart attacks and death. There have so far not been any deaths by recreational use reported but if you have a preexisting heart condition beware!

Another side effect is a slight blue - green tinge to your eyesight, so there is a joke going around that too much Viagra will make you go blind!

The other side effects are that it may become painful walking or dancing for six hours with a hard on and this can cause loss of sensation, chafing and other nasty problems around your penis.


If you have a pre existing heart condition, don't take this drug at all, because it can induce a heart attack. The makers of the drug are also unsure about the he long term damage to the eyes as well.

You can read more about drugs and party drugs in my column on Party Drugs

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