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gay sex guide


The first sexual experience for almost everyone is masturbation or jerking off. It is as natural as humans breathing air. By the age of thirteen virtually 90% of boys have experienced the solitary pleasures of masturbating and this is extremely normal.

As you approach puberty and get older you may find that masturbation becomes something of a habit and you do it three or even more times a day. As you get older you may do it less frequently, especially as you become sexually active and are having sex with other men.

Masturbation has been demonized by both the Church and some sections of the community as a dirty and immoral act. However it is one of the most natural things that humans and many animals can do! Masturbation has been variously been linked with demons, acne, bad attitude and sickness over the last couple of centuries.

In fact Kellog, the developer of Cornflakes and the founder of Sanitarium Foods believed that all illness was caused by masturbation, he also believed that sex was morally wrong and all ill people were masturbators. He was also one of the main proponents of circumcision to alleviate the chronic masturbator, as circumcision in later life severely decreased sexual pleasure!

But back to reality and this side of history. As we grow up we are often faced with name calling when we are younger using "wanker" as a bad term. Truth be told, that most healthy males indulge in playing with themselves.

There are many old wives tales about masturbation and this section of the gay sex guide does not intend telling you how to do it, rather to give some facts about masturbation.

Common Misconceptions about Masturbation

Masturbation is evil and against God

The church preaches abstinence including against masturbation, sex before marriage and homosexuality. Masturbation is not evil and you have to make up your own mind on your religious beliefs. The specific passage of the Bible that is used to demonize masturbation speaks about "spilling your seed" various scholars have suggested that this actually refers to spilling grain seed not your own semen.

It causes Acne

Masturbation does not cause acne, there is absolutely no proof to this argument. It is used because many boys start masturbating during puberty when their hormones are going wild causing acne. So the church of old used to say that acne was caused by masturbation.

Masturbation will make you go blind

This is an old wives tale and again sued because during puberty boys (and girls) often discover that they need glasses, pure coincidence

Only gay guys masturbate

Ask any straight guy is he jerks off and he will probably admit to it. Masturbating doesn't make you gay, nor do only gay guys masturbate! See the movie There's something about Mary - the straight guy masturbates in that, or American Pie one or two.

You can catch diseases

Solo masturbation is absolutely safe sex and you cannot catch anything, unless you are doing it with someone else and use their semen as a lubricant.

People can tell you masturbate

There is no way that someone else can tell you masturbate, unless they catch you in the act!

Masturbating makes you want more sex

This is a difficult one to answer. Yes if you masturbate you may be more sexually aware, but then on he other hand if you do jerk off before going on a date then you will be a little bit more calm.

You can hurt your penis

Provided that you are not bashing the crap out of your penis, you are not going to do any lasting damage. Make sure that if you are cut that you use some sort of lubricant or you can end up chafing your penis!

Masturbating counts as losing your virginity

Sorry guys, but doing it by yourself doesn't count! Everyone has a different view on what does and doesn't constitute losing their virginity. For some it is jerking another guy off, while for others it is only the act of anal sex that actually constitute full sex!


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