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gay sex guide


Gay guys are a lot more open about their fetishes and if you can think of a fetish chances are then there is a groups that you can join which shares the same one!

Fetishes - Being Tied up or Tying UpOne of the most common fetishes is the whole Leather Scene. This guide does not really look at the leather scene, because the author does not have much experience. If you want to write a Gay Leather Guide Submit it!

There are literally a million different types of fetishes that are out there and Superdrewby has listed a few of them below.

If you are trying to find people that share your particular fetch, whether it be boys in speedos, boys in uniform, socks or whatever try putting a few personal ads around the web, doing some web searches, or going to a site like Yahoo Groups and searching for a mailing list.

Common Fetishes

The list could continue on for pages and pages, but I won't. Instead lets look at the emotional effects of some fetishes. Not all fetishes are safe and can be very dangerous, for example barebacking which is on the rise is a very dangerous fetish that can lead to some pretty nasty side effects such as HIV / AIDS.

Another auto-erotic asphixiation can lead to death. This is where guys almost strangle themselves as they cum. There are many cases of un intended death from this and it should be avoided at all costs.

But other fetishes such as liking boys in speedos is relatively harmless and you can live out many of these fantasies in safety with your partner!

If you want to get involved in a fetish do as much research that you can about it so you know exactly what you are getting into!

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