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gay sex guide


Sometimes we want a sexual partner that we pay for, whatever the circumstances, whether we just can't seem to get the courage to pick up at a bar, don't want to visit a Sauna, Bathhouse or Beat. So instead we choose to pay for our sexual encounters.

Let's face it though in many ways we already pay for our encounters, just not in such an obvious way. For example you meet a cute guy a bit younger than you and you take him to a fancy restaurant where you order expensive wine and he orders the lobster. Then later on in the night you end having wild passionate sex. Indirectly you are still paying for it. Or take the few drinks you bought your latest one night stand at the pub, it's still paying for it.

You can open almost any gay newspaper to the back and see Male Escort Services listed, or under Massage. Whatever it is it is still pay for play. In many countries of the world it is illegal to pay for sex. So they get around it in a variety of ways, such as calling it a true escort service and then if sex happens it is by mutual agreement by consenting adults. The sex is not paid for, it is the company that is paid for.

Choosing an escort involves taking some time and energy to find the right one and kind of escort for you. There are a few types of escorts listed below. Each type will have it's own cost structure and will have it's own risks. Many of the more expensive escorts are sticklers for safer sex, while some of the street boys or rentboys will not care so much as they are doing it for minimal money in the he back of a car and can't really think past their next drug hit.

A few thoughts though about male prostitutes, not all of them do it because they are drug addicts, some are college students who do it to put themselves through college, although after college they rarely get fully out of the game. Some guys do it because they are highly sexed and they are even choosy about the guys they do it with, they might have a few regulars on a loose sort of arrangement, and this is more like serial Sugar Daddy territory!

Many however do it because they have nothing else to offer, or so they think and sex with some of these guys can be a rather disappointing experience, and risky as well.

Escort Agencies

Escort Agencies are probably the safest and best way to find an escort for your pleasure. Most of the agencies have a number of different boys who work at different times of the day and night. Agencies usually have good clean facilities such as private rooms with ensuite showers and will always have a ready supply of condoms and lubricant.

Some agencies also provide them rooms such as dungeons, lockers rooms, fairy tales etc. etc. With escort agencies prepare to pay a premium for the service as they have to cover all their overhead.

Agencies will be able to provide boys on their premises (incalls) and also provide boys to visit your home or hotel room (outcalls). Outcalls will usually require an additional surcharge for traveling time and cost.

When you first visit an agency you will be provided with either a portfolio of the boys available or may be introduced to the boys on duty at that time. You will also be told what each one's sexual preference is, i.e. whether they are passive, active versatile etc.

In many part so the world escort agencies are illegal so they will market themselves under the guise of massage parlors or the like. Then the sexual activity is conducted not for money as such but by mutual agreement of consenting adults.

An interesting fact about the he sex industry in Australia is that brothels are legal in most states, although they have to be licensed and adhere to very strict rules. The sex workers industry in Australia is quite vocal and promotes itself as an alternative offering for helping men and women. They also promote themselves as helping the disabled because a large percentage of their clientele have either physical or intellectual disabilities and visiting an escort is on of the only ways they can experience sexual fulfillment.

Independent Escorts

If you open almost any gay newspaper and turn it to the back you will usually find a whole listing of independent gay escorts, some ads with pictures and some without. An independent escort is usually someone who offers both incalls and outcalls. They usually work out of their home or apartment and many of these escorts have "straight" or daytime jobs. They moonlight at night and on the weekend as an escort to make some extra money.

With independent escorts there is usually an enormous amount of variance, from young college aged men to older men who offer special services such as S&M.

When choosing an independent escort you need to be quite specific in what you are looking for, as they will not all appeal to your tastes. You can also often follow an URL and have a look at a few pictures and their likes and dislikes.

Independent escorts are usually less expensive than the agencies, although there are some escorts that also work as porn stars and for these you will definitely pay a premium. A few years ago there was a rumor that Lukas Ridgestone from Bel Ami fame was offering his services in New York for $5000 USD a night. Whether this story is true or not is unknown, but there are a lot of famous porn stars that can be "hired for the night".

Not all independent escorts will provide sexual services that are safe, and many of them have pretty much got off the streets and set up shop. Be careful with all escorts and never have unsafe sex!

Rent Boys

Street workers, curb crawlers and rentboys are probably one of the most common and cliched images of male prostitutes. Rentboys are usually quite young and often underage boys who have run away and ended up hooked on drugs and on the street. To pay for their habits and for a roof over their heads they peddle their bodies on the streets and in clubs.

Rentboys are often unconcerned with who or why, they are in it for the quick buck and they will usually ply their trade in the back of a car, a cheap hotel room or even in the local sauna or bathhouse. Their services don't cost very much and the service reflects this.

Regardless of whether a young underage guy wants to have sex with an older guy for money, it is illegal. Many of the rentboys you may see are actually straight boys with nothing else left to offer themselves or so they think.

Occasional Pay For Play

This is probably one of the most elusive and sought after types of escorts, the occasional pay for play. These boys are often back packers needing to make a bit of extra money, or just horny guys that think it is OK to play for a bit of money.

They usually don't advertise and would not refer to themselves as escorts. Instead if an opportunity arises for making a bit of money they take it. Often you might see older gay businessmen offering younger cute guys some money to sleep with them, and sometimes this works, and at other times the older guys get a drink tipped over them.


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