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Erotic Massage

Giving and receiving a massage can be a wonderfully personal and at times erotic pleasure for both the person receiving the massage and the person giving it! A massage can stimulate the body, relax the mind and make someone feel that much more special about themselves.

The art of giving an erotic massage is not have sex as such, instead it is to totally relax and turn on your partner at the same time. The following is a guide for all facets of giving an erotic massage that will make his toes curl and bring him to much higher plain of ecstasy.


An erotic massage should be given to your partner in a setting that allows them to relax and somewhere that they feel comfortable. It is unlikely that you will have a massage table on hand, so instead try on the bed.


Lubrication or massage oils are very important to help your hands glide all over his body. If you are intending to have penetrative sex, then use a water based lubricant, but preferably an erotic massage should not include sex.

Getting Started

The Massage

The massage itself should be done bit by bit on the following parts of the body. You can try a number of techniques that are listed below and use your hands, your tongue (although if you are using essential oils don't use your tongue), a feather and even an ice cube!

Pay attention to the sounds of your boy and his body, if he tenses up with something then stop doing that hat motion and start something else!


Start by gently massaging his feet, as much of the bodies tension will reside in his feet. Remember to play with each toe and also between the toes.


Work your way up the legs one leg at a time pushing down gently into the muscles. Moving up towards his bottom. Make sure that you keep contact with his body as much as possible and every now and then get some more massage oils to help lubricate the skin.


Move onto the bottom and gently knead and stroke all the bottom including the ass itself. Run your fingers lightly over the asshole, but resist the temptation tp penetrate it. This will just build the anticipation and the eroticism of the massage.

Lower Back

Move on to the lower back, bringing your hands together at the spine and then moving outwards. Also use circular motions to this area and go all the way to the sides of the hips and the bottom.

Upper Back

Slowly move your way up the spine to the upper back. You may also want to gently blow and even lick at the back as well, to give him even more pleasure.


Work the shoulders and gently knead them and roll them between your hands. Move your hands down in broad strokes to the back and bottom as well all the while keeping hand and body contact between you and your partner.


Start by moving both hands down the arms across the triceps and down to the forearms. Try alternating between lying on him and then only having your hands touching him.


Massage the hands paying special attention to each finger and the in between the fingers and then start moving back up the arms tot he shoulder and neck area.


Work on his neck and hair and gently strokes and knead this area. Blow warm air on the he base of his neck between the hair line and the skin and this will cause goose bumps all over him!

Turn him over and uncover his entire front body. Don't worry if he isn't hard yet, we will come to that.


In broad circular motions massage his chest lightly paying attention to his nipples and gently tweak them. If you are feeling very adventurous instead of using your hands, use your tongue to gently lick and nibble across his chest and up to his neck and ears. Don't bite, just lick and gently blow on the exposed skin.


Move down towards his stomach, but be careful not to put too much pressure on his stomach as this can hurt some guys. Rubs the stomach and lick and blow gently. By now he will probably have a raging hardon, but don't go straight to his balls. Instead run your hands into his crotch itself, avoiding the penis and balls for a while.


Massage all the skin between his legs, around his pubic area and hair and around his lower stomach and make sure he is really turned on.

Gently touch and caress his balls, with either your finger tips, your tongue or even a feather. Then slowly move toward his penis. You can do an enormous amount of things here such as gently massage the oil into the shaft and head, use your tongue or use a feather or an ice cube.

Alternate between his crotch area and the rest of his stomach and chest, turning him on and teasing him slightly.

The penis

When you and he are ready move back down to his penis and masturbate him till he ejaculates. You can try any number of techniques, from using your mouth, to kneading the head to giving him a blowjob. It is up to you and you will know his body the best!

The End

At the end of the massage, lie down with him kissing and holding him in a cocoon of love, warmth and after sex glow!

There are a million different variations to this massage the most common being:

The Feather

Use a feather instead of your hands to massage and tickle his body and penis.

The Ice cube

Use an ice cube gently on sections of his body

The basic massage can be changed and varied at will and should take between 45 - 60 minutes from start to finish!


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