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gay sex guide

Sado Masochism

Being Tied UpSado Masochism conjures up some of the most extreme concepts of torture and pain, but it is not all about pain, it can also include things like:

This section of the guide is only brief and gives very short description and discussion on light S&M only.

Tying Up

probably the most common of all the S&M fetishes, being tied up can be a great sexual experience of submission or can be a great rush of dominance.

Before you go out and tie your partner up though, you need to have discussed this with your partner and agreed upon the boundaries of what you can and can't do. Also you need to agree on signals and words that mean enough, or untie me, especially if you are role playing!

When you are tying up a boyfriend or partner, you want to make sure than even though he is tied up he is still comfortable and not in any pain.

Don't use metal wire to do the job as this can cut into the skin and be very painful. Use something like leather harnesses (if you have them), ties, and elastic material. Make it tight enough so he is restrained, but not tight enough to cut off circulation or cause permanent damage.

Never exceed the boundaries of what you have agreed upon, this is rape especially if he says no!

Not everyone gets turned on by tying up or being tied up and some people may totally freak out. Don't push it!

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