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gay sex guide

Anal Sex

Anal sex is probably for many gay guys the limits of their sexual adventures. But not all gay guys actually have anal sex. Studies suggest that somewhere between 40 - 50% of gay men have anal sex. This is probably the act that most ill informed straight people think of most when they think of gay sex, and in many cases it repulses them even though most straight men have at one time or another thought about having anal sex with a woman.

The first thing to say about anal sex is to always use a condom and lots of water based lubricant, as it is the major risk for transmission of HIV / AIDS. The ass is a very receptive place for small unseen cuts and fissures and can easily infect someone through unsafe sexual practices. This also goes for the guy inserting his penis in the ass as well!

This section is written in three parts, the first explains your ass and why being fucked can be such an incredible sensual and mind blowing experience. The second explains how to get used to the feeling of having something in your ass, and the third is how to try having anal sex for the first time.

Your Ass and Pleasure

The male ass has something quite unique that the female does not possess and that is the prostate gland. It is a small gland a couple of centimeters inside of your ass that when massaged by either a finger or a cock can cause incredible sensations.

The male anatomy

Many men can come just from having their prostate gland massage without even touching their own penis. The pain itself from initial anal intercourse is caused by the sphincter muscle (the ass ring) being very tight and clamping down on the finger, penis or other instrument being inserted in the ass.

Because the inside of the ass and rectum does not have the same sort of sensory nerves that you have on your skin, you can do damage by inserting sharp objects in your ass, so always cut your fingernails before playing with yourself or other people.

Never put anything in your ass that you can't get out or keep a hold on and never ever put anything breakable, alive or edible up their either!

Getting Yourself Ready For Anal Sex

Let's face it the first few times that you play with your ass you may not enjoy the experience and it may be a bit painful or even cause a bit of bleeding. But don't let that fact put you off. Gay fiction often depicts the virgin being able to easily take an 8 inch cock with no or minimal pain. In reality this is not the case and it is worth your while getting used to having something in your own ass before moving on to letting someone fuck you.

Almost all of the pain is caused by your sphincter muscle trying to contract around whatever is being inserted in your ass and this muscle spasm can be very painful.

The following outlines a general concept for playing with your ass and finding your prostate.

  • The absolute first thing you need to do before any playing with your ass is get yourself relaxed. Whether this is by having a warm bath, taking a muscle relaxant or meditating for a while.
  • Make sure that you have a ready supply of lubricant such as a water based lubricant, or if you are plying with yourself and there is going to be no actual sex using condoms something like Vaseline is fine.
  • Find a place where you will not be disturbed, this might be while taking a shower, while your parents or flatmates are out or in your room with the he door locked!
  • Get a towel and lie down and get yourself randy by slowly jerking off for a while.
  • Get some lube and gently massage it around your ass, but don;t side your fingers in yet, just get used to the feelings of playing at the opening of your ass.
  • This may be incredibly pleasurable for you.
  • If you are in the he shower using soap be aware that soap can dry out your ass and sting a little, as can saliva also dry your ass out too.
  • Use lots of lube and continue to play with the he opening just letting the he tip of your finger in your ass.
  • Do this for a while until you feel comfortable with the feelings you are having. You may find that you feel a bit strange and get a bit and sweaty as well!
  • Once you are comfortable with the finger in a bit try pushing it in further and move it around a little and also try pulling it back wards and forwards out of your ass and then back in.
  • You may even cum from this already by hitting your prostate a bit.
  • To find your prostate hook your finger a bit up towards your tummy and move it around the wall of your ass.
  • Feel for a small (or even large bump) and gently massage or rub this spot. If you feel the urge to cum or incredible pleasure you have found your prostate.
  • As you get closer to cumming your prostate will enlarge and get bigger and more sensitive.
  • Try doing this a few times while you are jerking off until you come while pleasuring your ass.

Once you are comfortable with playing with a finger or even a few in your ass you may want to move onto using something else to play with.

The best advice I have seen for this apart from going out and buying a small dildo is to use a smooth candle to practice inserting in your ass. As you get more and more able to accommodate a candle you may want to try larger objects. Don't ever use fruit as it can break off in your ass and cause immense pain coming out. Try finding other cock like objects and always use lots and lots of lubricant.

Once you are ready and can successfully take things in your ass it is time to try it with your partner!

A word of advice though, not everyone does actually enjoy having things in their ass, and they may never like to be fucked. If you really don't want to then don't no one is going to force you to do anything you don't want to do!

The First Time

The first time you are fucked can be an incredible experience, but can also be a little bit painful as well, especially since you may be a little (or a lot) nervous and your muscle may be quite tense.

  • Take it slowly and don't just let your partner push his cock in until you are really ready.
  • Start off with some foreplay, kissing, licking touching and massaging and get yourself nice and horny.
  • Get your partner to help you relax by maybe massaging you or just let yourself go and be free.
  • Make sure you have condoms and lubricant and lots of it.
  • Start by gently lubricating and concentrating on loosening up your ass. Take your time with this, it can take half an hour sometimes to even get two fingers in your ass.
  • Make sure that you are relaxed and loose.
  • Lie on your side with your partner behind you with a condom and lube on his cock.
  • Slowly let him push his penis against your ass,
  • Try pushing out like you are going to the toilet as this helps open up the sphincter.
  • As he gets a little bit in stop and breathe deeply and wait for any pain or discomfort to pass before proceeding.
  • If at any time you want to stop tell him to take it out. Always make sure that he understands that if you ask him to stop he stops. Trust is very important in anal sex.
  • Bit by bit push all of the penis inside until there is no more or you can't take any more.
  • Once you are ready let him push his penis slowly in and out of your ass.
  • As he passes over your prostate you may get jolts of pleasure and cum - this is perfectly normal!

So that's it for the anal sex first time, just keep on going until it hurts or you have both cum. Practice again and again and pretty soon you will be able to take his cock without any trouble at all and you will get more and more pleasure.

Some Positions

Once you are comfortable with anal sex and you are definitely enjoying yourself there are hundreds of positions and things you can try. They include:

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