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gay sex guide

Beats Cottaging & Cruising

An unusual peculiarity of the gay scene that harks back to the period when gay sex was illegal and like minded men were difficult to find s Cottaging. Easy anonymous sex can be found almost anywhere for gay guys, and the fact that gay guys are quite promiscuous means that gay guys have got cruising in general down to an art form.

Cruising usually revolves around public toilets in shopping centres, parks and other relatively innocuous locations. Cruising is almost always illegal all over the world under the laws of public indecency, and being caught having sex with another guy in public can not only be embarrassing but also end up with either a fine, jail sentence or community service. Just look at the demise of George Michael who was caught soliciting anonymous sex in a public toilet in the he US.

But if the illegality of it doesn't put you off then there are literally hundreds of thousands of places all over the world where you can go to find quick anonymous sex. Many of the people that frequent these places are married or identify as straight even though they have sex with men. And research has shown that they don't always practice safe sex, so if you do meet someone always practice safe sex!

Common Beats

When trying to identify somewhere as a beat look for graffiti on toilet block doors and walls as this is usually a good indicator of whether it is a beat or not.

How they work

Most countries have different codes of conduct for meeting and identifying people that are looking for sex at beats, but there are a few commonalties among them. Guys will often stand at the urinal appearing to be taking a piss, but they will stay there for a while. They may make eye contact with you, or play with their penis in their hands. Or they may even look at you then move to a toilet cubicle. This is usually an invitation to follow them into the toilet.

At other places a guy may sit in a cubicle and then when you sit down in a cubicle next to him he may tap his foot a few times. If you tap your foot back and then he taps in return this may be an invitation.

Variations in this theme include a furtive cough which is then returned, or even a note passed under the stall wall.

Some stalls have glory holes or peepholes which you can look through or if large enough push your penis through or have them push their penis through.

Before doing that you really should make sure that it is an invitation and not just someone coughing or tapping their foot!

Most guys do not speak and try to keep up the appearances as straight, and some guys are genuinely straight, but like to have their cock sucked by a guy!

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