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gay sex guide


Kissing is in my opinion one of the most erotic and satisfying sexual things we can do with our clothes still on. A kiss can convey, passion, love, affection, friendship and total unabashed sexual energy. Kissing someone is often the very first sexual experience that we all do. Whether is be a light kiss with a friendly embrace, or a no holds barred deep sensuous French kiss with lots and lots of body contact.

KissingKissing is not just limited to a boys mouth, you can gently butterfly kiss every part of his body in a way that will drive him to almost orgasmic bliss. But does kissing come naturally and if not what are some of the things we should keep in mind while kissing?

Do always make sure that your breath is fresh and your teeth have been brushed, there is nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath!

If you smoke, then think about not smoking for a while before a kiss or using gum or a mouth freshener, after all non smokers hat kissing an ashtray!

Kissing is not just moving your mouths together, it also involves body contact, hugging and touching.

Tips to be a great kisser

  • Don't drool all over the guy and leave huge big trails of saliva.
  • Open your mouth and let his tongue into your mouth and do the same.
  • A gentle nibble is OK, but hard biting is nasty and a real turn off.
  • Gentle nibble on the neck, ears and back of the neck is very erotic.
  • Don't try and cover his entire mouth with yours like a suction cup, that is just plain gross!
  • Don't try and stick your tongue so far down his mouth that he can't breath.
  • Do duel with each other's tongues.
  • Use your tongue to sensually trace over his teeth and his lips.
  • Don't let your tongue act like it is searching for lost food between his teeth!
  • Gently hold the back of his head while kissing him.
  • Or run your fingers through his hair at the same time, it causes goosebumps all over.
  • Move your lips around and respond to him when he is kissing you.
  • Don't just stand or site there like a stunned mullet!

Some Cool Things to Try!

Unexpected Peck Leads to Passion

This is a really cool one to try, You start off by giving your partner a quick peck on the cheek or lips. Then you move back a little look him in the eye and give him another peck with a little bit more ferocity, you slowly build up the passion and excitement in the kiss till you are in the throes of wild and very passionate kissing.

Erotic Stubble Kiss

This is a great Kissing technique even if your guy doesn't have stubble. Start by gently kissing his lips softly, then move onto the side of his face around the side where the stubble usually grows. Gently make your way all along the edge of the face giving small little kisses. Don't suck or slobber but just lightly kiss. It is guaranteed to turn even the most masculine guys to jelly!

Practice Kissing

It may sound really lame but if you haven't got all that much experience kissing someone try doing some practice. Scrunch your hand up in a fist and turn in sideways, so the knuckles are pointing sideways and you have an opening kind of in front of you.

Use this as a way of kissing so it is a bit like there are lips there and just practice for a while!

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