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gay sex guide

Blow Jobs - Suck Cock

Why do gay guys give good head? Because they have a cock and they know what feels good! - It's an old joke that is often used by gay guys to get straight boys into bed, and it's amazing how often it actually works.

Oral sex or Fellatio is great for both the guy giving and receiving, it can bring a guy to a mind shattering orgasm within minutes or can prolong the excitement for hours and hours, although the guy giving may end up with lock jaw!

Bannana SuckingBut if you are new to gay sex and a bit nervous about giving head what should you know about to give really great blowjobs?

The cardinal rule of oral sex is:

Mind the teeth!

there is nothing worse than having a mouth full of teeth scraping and bumping against your most precious and sensitive organ of your body (unless of course you are into pain but that's a totally different section).

The first thing that you have to think about when giving head is that there is a huge difference between blowing a cut cock and an uncut one. Read the section on Your Penis to get a low down on this to find out where the sensitive places are on each cock.

If you are receiving oral sex, always make sure that your cock is clean, either by washing before sex, or giving it a quick clean with some warm water. There is nothing worse than going down on a smelly cock!

Basic Tips and Techniques

  • Getting started with giving head is really easy and not that hard. If you think of the penis as one big lollipop that is extremely sensitive.
  • Start by licking head of the penis in round circular motions. If he is uncut you can pull down the foreskin a bit to get to the head.
  • Open your mouth wide and let the head of the penis enter your mouth, watch your teeth and use lots of tongue action and saliva.
  • The basic movement is actually nothing like blowing or sucking. It is the action of your mouth causing friction over the sensitive skin of the penis.
  • While the penis is in your mouth try to lick the underside of his penis paying attention to the underside of the head as this is a very sensitive and erotic part of the penis.
  • Make sure that you use lots of saliva to lubricate your mouth.
  • You should try using your hands as well, gently play with his balls, the end of the shaft even his ass, as this will all add to the pleasure.
  • If you are new to gay sex, don't try getting all of his penis down your throat, as you can gag and this can be very uncomfortable.
  • Try breathing through your nose.
  • Lick from the head of the penis down to the base of it as well.
  • Use your tongue to gently massage and lick his balls as many guys will go totally over the edge with this.
  • Try bobbing your head backwards and forwards on the he penis letting it slide in and out of your mouth.
  • You can also use your lips to form a tight ring around the penis, but again make sure that your lips or your tongue cover your teeth.
  • If he is uncut try getting your tongue between the head and the foreskin

Two Guys


There are a heap of different positions that you can suck and be sucked. The different positions will also give you more angle or leverage to get down his penis.


This submissive position is probably one of the most popular positions in which to give head. The guy getting blown stands up or kneels on a bed. You kneel between his legs with your head at the level of his crotch. From this position you can suck on his cock and he can gently or even roughly hold or grab your head.

A variation on this position id the skull fuck, where the guy keeps hold of your head and with his hands on either side of your head and fucks your mouth. For a novice cocksucker this can be quite difficult as the guy can become very aggressive and you may not be able to take all of his cock (see Deepthroating).

Side 69

the classic 69 is a great position where you can both give and receive oral sex at the same time. the side 69 is where you both lie down facing each other, with your heads in each other's crotch. You then take each other's penis's in your mouth and go for it!

Top 69

The Top and bottom 69 is a variation on the theme where one guys lies on his back and the other guy lies down on top of him. This can be a bit of an awkward position as the guy on the bottom cannot always get enough leverage to suck the other guys' cock. And it is also penetrates quite far down into the throat.

Lying down

The classic lying down position is where the guy receiving head lies down on the bed and the other guys kneels above him fucking his face. This can cause some strain on the he neck and it is better to use a pillow or something or let the guy sit up a bit.

Bent Over

The guy receiving oral sex may be sitting on a chair or sofa and the guy giving the blow job is sitting next to him. He leans over and takes the cock in his mouth and suck on it from that position. This is a good position gor a relative beginner as the guy receiving head cannot thrust up into his mouth.

How to Deepthroat

The most common of all requests for guys is for their partner's to deep throat their penis, as the throat muscles can add to the pleasure of the head!

If you are trying to give head and want to try deepthroating always make sure that you can breathe through your nose, or you may end up getting your oxygen flow cut off!

Deepthroating is all about relaxing and getting the position right. You need to have a look at how his penis curves to work oout what positions is best to take. If his penis curves upwards then you are better off getting in a 69 position so it can curve down your throat rather than up. And if the penis curves downwards then kneeling in front of him is a good way to go.

Basically the mechanics of deepthroating mean that the penis needs to curve down your throat past your gag reflex.

  • Start off by sucking his cock as normal and get him nice and horny and hard.
  • Try going down a little bit further on his penis with every downward stroke.
  • As it hits the back of your mouth or throat try yawning, as this action will open up your throat.
  • Try this a few times, if you gag, just let the cock back into your mouth and take breath and give it a minute.
  • If you are still having trouble, try swallowing when the penis gets to the back of your throat as this can help open the throat.
  • As the penis goes into the he throat you may hear a light popping sound, this is quite normal, it just the penis entering the throat.
  • When you are deepthroating he penis may end up covered in a thicker saliva than normal.. This is just the normal mucous at the back of your throat.
  • It can take quite a while to master this technique and it probably won't happen on your first few times.
  • Concentrate on relaxing and if you want to image something like a drink sliding down your throat, as this can help your throat actually open up.

Once you have mastered getting his penis in your throat there are a few things you can try.

  • Try to make your throat muscles contract around the head of the penis, like giving the he head a massage.
  • Do a swallowing action around the penis.
  • Practice taking the head in and out of your throat, your guy will likely go wild.

With Deepthroating practice does make perfect and the more you practice the easier you will be able to take cock! Not all cocks can be deepthroated, some cocks simply are too big or too rigid to give that little bit of a bend, and these are just nigh on impossible to deepthroat!

Spit. Swallow or Neither?

Now this is a very personal and important issue, do you spit swallow or not let a guy cum in your mouth. With oral sex there is a risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases, everything from Gonorrhea to HIV. Letting a guy cum in your mouth is very risky behavior especially if he is a one night stand or a trick!

Basically though if you are in a monogamous relationship then it is up to you to decide what you do..... If you want to be safe then use a condom when giving head, the risk is low, but it is there!

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