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gay sex guide

Saunas Bathhouses& Arcades

Probably one of the greatest differences between the gay and straight world is the existence of gay sex saunas and bathhouses. Originating in centuries past when the bath houses of Europe were places of extreme grandeur and beauty where men went to bathe in hot springs and be waited on by either young men or women, Gay Sex venues have once again become an accepted part of the gay society.

Almost every major city and town has at least one place which is designed for liaisons between gay men, whether it be a purpose built bathhouse or sauna, a bookshop with a video arcade, an adult theater or other venue. Sex venues are very popular with the gay community because it allows anonymous encounters among like minded men. Many of these venues attract a clientele that is both openly gay and also married men who live two quite distinct sexual lives.

In the early eighties gay sex venues were almost universally condemned as a breeding place of the HIV / Aids virus. However as more was discovered about the virus and ways to practice safer sex, the venue once again melted back into the shadowy world of the gay scene and have flourished ever since.

Who goes there?

In reality a lot of men go to the gay sex venues, whether they be single, taken, married, bisexual or just curious. All sorts of men go, there is no one generic type and on any night or day of the week you can be assured that a wide cross section of the community may be enjoying themselves in one of these venues.

Is there a code of conduct?

There is no written code of conduct for these venues, although each one will have a slightly different unwritten code of behavior and cruising. In the main men cruise each other in hallways, steam rooms pools, saunas and Jacuzzis. They do not go there as a "social" occasion instead they generally keep to themselves except for picking up obviously. Sex is conducted in public, private or in a variety of group or other situations. Each venue will have a slightly different theme, from Roman Baths, the S&M dungeons.

How do I find them?

You can usually find them listed in the gay newspapers and magazines and in many places listed in the telephone directory as well.


Saunas and Bathhouses are probably the best known of the gay sex venues. These places are usually quite large and have been around for a while.

In these venues upon entry you are given a towel and a locker key. You undress in the he locker area and then cruise through the venue. The venue may have, a sauna, steam room, private cubicles, maybe a coffee shop, a dark room or maze, video rooms showing non stop gay porn and sometimes a gym or a pool.

Men openly cruise each other as they wander through these places. When they see a person they like eye contact or a light brush of the hand passing is used to indicate interest. Then they may follow each other to a private cubicle or even just go for it in the he corridor if that takes their fancy.

Be aware that sitting in the Jacuzzi may find yourself approached by someone using the cover of the water to make their approach. If you are the object of unwanted attention be polite but firm and gently shake your head or gently remove their hand.

Most if not all saunas and bathhouses will provide a steady supply of condoms and lubricant throughout the venue.

Adult Theaters

Adult theaters are incredible popular and are also available for the straight male community. They usually have a number of small theaters showing non stop gay and straight porn. Many of these venues also have dark rooms where men can go as well.

Men sit and watch the movies while other men cruise through the he back of the theaters. If you see someone you are interested in, you may sit next to them (or they may sit next to you). Gentle groping can lead to full on sex in seats, or may end up in a more private setting.

Not all adult theaters have a ready supply of condoms and lube. Many provide them on entry and you will need to make sure that you have a supply before you enter. Adult theaters do not generally have showers so you cannot fully clean up after an encounter.

Video Arcades

Video arcades are usually found at the back of adult shops and provide a small booths with a selection of videos that can be played for a small amount of money, either coin or token operated. In most cases before you enter you have to buy a certain number of tokens. The booths sometimes have a gloryhole between them. While some are large enough for two people to fit in at a squeeze. Video arcades are very popular with closeted and married guys, as they are located in straight adult shops as well, so the men have an excuse for being in the store.

Other Places

There are an assortment of other types of sex venues such as mazes, dungeons and simple cubicles at the back of sex stores. They operate on the he same principle as Video arcades except many may also have private booths and rooms for encounters.

Bottom Line

There are many ways for men to find and have sex with anonymous men and sex clubs are just one of the many. Be careful though because often in the heat of the moment you may end up there drunk and not in full control. It is always best to visit these places free of alcohol and drugs so you can make decisions about what you do and don't do. And always practice safe sex!

Not all cities and towns have legal venues and it is at your responsibility that you visit such a venue. If you are in doubt about the legality of a venue ask before entering!

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