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gay sex guide

Threesomes & Group Sex

Threesomes and group sex are one of the most common and oft practiced fantasies of gay and straight boys alike, although the straight boys generally like to have two girls and a guy. Sex with an additional person can add a whole new and exciting dimension to sex play, but can also leave one person feeling very left out.

Group SexThreesomes are probably the most common and often are between an established couple and a third person. Sometimes an entire relationship can comprise three people, really putting a need for a King size bed!

So how do threesomes and groups sex work, how can you get involved and what are some of the things you should and shouldn't do?


We will start with threesomes because they are the more common of the two and easier to find and get involved in. Typically threesomes are coordinated or arranged by a an established couple, who is looking to spice up their sex life with another person. Lots of couple's do it and if you are looking for more information about sex in relationships read the section on couples.

You might already know a couple that is interested in a threesome, or you can meet them at a club or a pub. You can also respond to a personal ad in a newspaper, magazine or on the Internet.

Be careful though, as sometimes only one of the couple may be pushing for the threesome and you can end up in the middle of one God Damn almighty row! But once you have met a couple, been picked up by one then go for it if you find them both attractive.

Guys in a relationship will generally know each other's likes and dislikes in bed pretty well, and they often have defined roles, i.e. top or bottom. They might be looking for someone who is versatile, for example you to be the meat in the sandwich, or they might just be looking for pretty vanilla action, like sucking, kissing etc.

If you are new to threesomes then you may be like a kid in the he candy store with two hunky guys to choose from! Just take it slowly and try and give each guy the same amount of attention.

A word of advice though it is considered bad form after the act to then say to one that he was better than the other, or to start an illicit affair with the cuter one.

If one of the guys seems to be losing interest during the sex, then start paying him a little attention. Sometimes you might find that a couple with a pronounced age difference may pick up younger guys to help satisfy the sexual urges of the younger partner. The older guy may not want to be fully involved and may get off on just watching instead.

There are all sorts of things you can do in a threesome, from sucking two cocks at the same time, to being meat in the sandwich and even having double penetration anal sex!

Another really fun thing to do is to allow yourself to be totally ravaged by two guys, and let them both worship your body all over!

Group Sex

Group sex is a fantasy that you often see in porno flicks and in magazines where a whole lot of very horny guys get together and end up having sex.

Group situations can be difficult to find, but can be quite a lot of fun when you do find them.

There are a lot of private groups which met on a semi regular basis and you can find ads for these groups in newspapers, on the net and through friends.

An orgy part is usually held at someone's house and you each pay a small entry fee of a few dollars to pay for condoms. Lube and the cleaning up afterwards.

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