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gay sex guide

Fantasy & Role Play

Fantasy and role play are normal and healthy aspects of male sexuality, whether it be the erotic fantasies we have during our solo masturbation sessions, or fantasy we create with our lovers and or partners.

Erotic fantasies can come in all manner of shapes and sizes, from imaging that we are being seduced by a famous actor or musician, right down to imagining that the hunky boy next door is our sex slave for the weekend.

Fantasies allow us to free up our mind and lose some of our sexual inhibitions. We can be that blonde surfer dude with the perfect body in our fantasies and we can do and say things that we might not normally do.

Fantasies are perfectly healthy provided that we can still tell fantasy from reality and that our fantasy lives do not obsess or take over our minds.

Some Favorite Fantasies

The following lists some of the many and common fantasies and role playing that gay men often use to put some spice and zing in their sex lives!

  • The Pizza Boy
  • Being a porn Star
  • The locker Room
  • The Boy Next door
  • Seducing a Straight Boy
  • Cops and Robbers
  • The hitchhiker
  • At the Beach
  • In public
  • The Delivery Man / Boy
  • Being used by the football team
  • The famous person
  • Twins (a real turnon)
  • In the Car
  • On the Dance Floor
  • Our best friend
  • The Plumber
  • The repair man
  • The office Boy
  • Our Boss
  • Discovered Jerking off by mate
  • College Roommate
  • In the Shower after practice
  • The gym
  • The gym instructor
  • In the distant past
  • In the Future
  • At the Sauna
  • In a Plane
  • Outside

As you can see the list of possible fantasy scenarios is almost endless. The trick with fantasies is to find a common ground between you and your partner / lover to explore some of your fantasies. Role Playing is a great way to have fun and can really allow you to live out some of the deep dark secrets.

Some rules about role playing

  • You must always agree with your partner / lover that you are acting out a role or fantasy.
  • Agree some common boundaries for the fantasy, i.e., if your fantasy is to include a third person make up some ground rule like no kissing, or no fucking etc. before hand.
  • Communicate your fantasies with each other!
  • Do be prepared to compromise a bit, after all his idea of fun might not be to have sex in the toilet of an aircraft somewhere over the Atlantic.
  • Don't force anyone to get involved in your fantasies, if they don't want to o be a part of it respect their wishes.
  • On the other hand open up your mind and allow yourself to push your own sexual boundaries a little, you may enjoy the experience!

The bottom line of fantasies is:

Have fun, do it safely and enjoy yourself!

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