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queer religion wars

In Conclusion:

I hope that these responses have helped those who are in the same place as my friends, struggling with God (actually theyíre struggling with themselves over what they think God thinks about them) and their families and friends about what they have been taught and what has been deeply engrained into their psyche regarding their homosexuality. I truly believe that there is a reason for homosexuality and thatís why itís here. Itís humankind, not God that has the problem with it. So if you feel that thereís still more to it, I encourage you to go deeper. I believe very strongly in mediation. Meditation is simply sitting comfortably in silence. When a thought comes up, simply acknowledge ďthatís a thought,Ē and then court the silence. Do this continually, and donít worry about what thoughts keep popping up. Do this for five or ten minutes a day (the real pros do it for twenty minutes a day).

It is in brief moments of meditation where you truly experience the silence in which you will find your connection with God, and where you will discover that you are accepted and loved and that you have a purpose in the world. And itís out of this acceptance and love that you will go out into the world and accept and love those around youÖ even your enemies. God is love, and love is God. We are loved and we love. And that, my friend, has nothing to do with homosexuality.