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queer religion wars

Queer Religion Wars

By Ben Tousey

It seems that everyone has their own opinions about the Bible and homosexuality, and I worry about delving into the fray since there is already so much information available on the subject. But I run into so many people who struggle with their view of God over this issue. It’ll happen on Saturday night. I’m with some friends at a bar and we’re having some fun, dancing and drinking. And soon, after we’ve had just enough alcohol to make us honest, someone starts talking about their real feelings around being gay and what God must think of them. They assume that God is angry with them because they’re living in sin, and that at some point they’re going to have to “pay the piper” with their soul in some sort of eternal hell fire.

These are sincere, honest people who really want to do the “right thing” with their lives; and I think that they honestly want to know God intimately.

Due to the fact that I think so highly of the people I come into contact with, I thought I would take on a few of my favorites Christian objections, and go from there.

First, a disclaimer:
The only obvious reason that Christians have to even criticize homosexuality is based on one book… the Bible. It’s the first thing anyone says to me when we discuss it. “The Bible condemns it.” My personal response to this is, “So?” I’m not bound by the Bible. I don’t believe in the Bible the way Christians believe in the Bible. That’s their point of view, not mine, and therefore I shouldn’t be judged by their beliefs. That argument, however, doesn’t help my friends because at a very deep level, they do believe in the Bible.

Upcoming Arguments:

Argument Number One:It’s against nature!
Argument Number Two:In the beginning God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!
Argument Number Three:The perceived “Wrath of God” toward homosexuality based on the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Argument Number Four:The perceived attack on “Family Values,” specifically, “Biblical Family Values” that homosexuality represents.
Argument Number Five:It’s a choice!
Argument Number Six:The Bible condemns it!
Argument Number Seven:But People have Changed!
Argument Number Eight:It’s the mother/father’s fault!
In Conclusion

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