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life at a private school

Life at a Private School

The Story is now complete December 2009 

Life at a Private School is an ongoing love story told by Josh a seventeen year old final year student in an affluent North Shore private School in Sydney. Tim has had a secret crush on Tim the school jock ever since he first saw him a few years before when he started at the school but he had no idea that Tim has been secretly in love with him too.

This is an old fashioned love story set in the homophobic environs of an all boy school here the teachers and the parents want nothing to do witother side of life. The story chronicles Tim and Josh's falling in love and then their having to deal with irate parents, the school and societes' attitudes towards those of us who are gay.

Although the story is mainly fiction some parts of the story including the places and some of the situations are true, but they did not necessarily happen to me. Please send me feedback to tell me what you think of the story!




 Please Note:
This story is a work in progress and has not been completed. Chapters are posted sporadically!