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Kris - Photographer Howard Roffman

Kris is the subject of three pictures books and a very candid movie Three about is unconventional menage a trois with Gary and John, three Americans living in London. Kris is the young blonde beauty of dreams, he is the perfect example of a young man in the prime of his life. Howard Roffman followed Kris for a number of months to capture him in some fo the most sensitive and erotic poses imaginable.

Pictures of Kris

Pictures of Kris is a hardcover beautifully presented picture book by Howard Roffman depicting Kris in all his full glory. The book chronicles both private and public moments of Kris's life in the US and UK where he lived in a Menage a Trois with Travis and John. Howard Roffman's photography is extrodinarily stunning. Thre are a number of pictures which simply take your breath away including a few with his Golden Retriever. This is a must have book for your coffee table! Purchase now through and support Superdrewby!

Three- The Movie & Book

After the amazing commercial and critical success of Pictures of Kris, Howard Roffman followed this up with a candid docu movie entitled Three. Three follows Kris, John and Gary in their unconventional Menage a trois relationship while they were all living in London UK. The movie is amazingly frank and candid gaining a private glimpse into the lives of these very beautiful and alluring young men. Purchase the movie through and help support Superdrewby!


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