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Open letter to all Superdrewby Users

By Drew

January One 2005

It is now five years since Superdrewby first started life as a website, and I have enjoyed the last five years immensely. 

The last year of running Superdrewby has seen an enormous jump in the number of people visiting the website which is both a good and bad thing.  The site now serves up well over 100GB of data a month, and the bandwidth is only increasing.

I have supported Superdrewby for the last five years out of my own back pocket although in the past I have asked for donations to help with the web hosting costs I have received less than $40 USD in total.

For the last two years I have had Amazon adverts on the site, which have delivered a couple of dollars a month in return, but no where near the $50 - $100 USD a month that I pay for web hosting.

The current web host has increasingly become very difficult and due to their business practice of hosting huge numbers of sites on each server the speed of which Superdrewby loads is dismal.

Options for the future

I have a few options to help the site continue and to increase the speed and overall usability:

Transfer the site to a dedicated server (costly)

Keep the site where it is and remove the image galleries

Close the site entirely

Get enough revenue from the site to support it

I do not want to stop Superdrewby