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RuPaul RedHot Review

Four years after being immortalized for all eternity in wax at Madame Trussaud’s Museum in Times Square the lady with the heels, RuPaul is back with a new album RedHot!

Ten years ago gender bender RuPaul burst forth from our CD players and into our clubs with the mega hit Supermodel – You better work! Often imitated but never outshone the amazing talents of the multi talented and complex (her words) tall and utterly fabulous RuPaul are back. And the new Album RuPaul RedHot takes us back to the good old days of dance with a hard hip hop beat mixed with pure unadulterated dance!

The album is a groovy mix between a live drag and Cabaret show with a hilarious patter between songs with what we can only assume is a smacked out straight boy without a clue. Dance till your legs fall off to some of the tracks on this album including My love sees on color.

The first single on the new album Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous is a sassy tongue in cheek look at Ms RuPaul herself who is Looking Good and Feeling Gorgeous! This is reminiscent of her hits of yesterday and will be heard across the world.

RuPaul has collaborated on this album with some amazing superstars of the music industry including Kristine W a stalwart of the dance scene, Siedah Garrett and soul temptress and songwriter, and Tom Trujillo new and upcoming singer!

RuPauls’ long association with all things gay and good continues on this album with her sultry tones used to promote Gay Marriage in the tracks Love is Love and My Love Sees no Color an amazing anthem hit that is going to take the airwaves and dance clubs by storm. This album is a total blast with songs that are certain to become a hit both now and in coming years!

No stranger to controversy (well it is RuPaul after all) RuPaul has been busy over the last few years raising money for people living with HIV / AIDS and continuing being a spokesperson for all those dispossessed and affected by this scourge.

This is an album with a message for all those people who want to discriminate against minorities of any kind, we aint’ gonna sit down and take it!

In what can only be described as a coming out song – Coming out of hiding is more of an explosion that a meek coming out! The very boppy beat of this track made me want to groove right along and swoon with the diva herself “Cause I’ve made up my mind its time for me to shine!”, I wanted to come out all over again!

Welcome back Ms RuPaul and yes honey you are man enough to be my man.